Continued by the Doctor - End of the First Day's Fighting


The crew makes it to the beach and runs toward the Stockade. They could hear the foot steps of the mutineers behind them. At the request of the doctor, the Captain hands over his gun to the Squire and the doctor gives him his cutlass.

The first glimpse of the Stockade also brings them face to face with Job Anderson and seven other men. The fighting starts. In the initial rounds of firing one among the mutineers is killed, which makes some of the others run for cover. After a brief pause, the fighting resumes and Redruth is hit. The doctor recalls the way Redruth has served them. He had never complained whenever called to perform his duties. Now he is laid on the log house, bleeding. The Squire couldn't believe that Redruth was going to die.

When Redruth asks if his end is near, the Squire bursts into tears. After requesting to read him prayers, Redruth dies. The Captain uses a fir tree as a flag pole to hoist the Union Jack above the Stockade. They spreads another flag on Redruth's body and acknowledges his service as a person who died on duty.

The Captain inquires about the consort (another ship that was to follow them later). The doctor informs his that it will be months before they can expect that help. He is informed that if the mission takes long, they would run short of ration, though there is plenty of gunpowder. Just then a gunshot passes above the roof. The Captain turns down the doctor's request to take off the Union Jack. The flag, the Captain proudly states, represents the strong feeling they have towards their duty. The gun fire continues all evening and they get used to it within the protection of the stockade.

The Captain make a note that the woods ahead would be clear and orders his men to get the provisions. Though Gray and Hunter volunteer, they meet with disappointment as they find Silver and his men in a better position to attack them.

The Captain makes a note of the day's happenings. He records Redruth's death, while the doctor wonders about what has happened to Jim Hawkins. Just then they are in for a big surprise. Hunter hears someone hailing them. The doctor rushes towards the door to see Jim Hawkins safe and sound, making his way to the stockade.


From the ship to the boat. From the boat to land. And from the land to the stockade. Stevenson progresses step by step with his adventure.

In this chapter the crew is on the island where Jim Hawkins is stranded. But at this moment they don't whether he is alive or dead. Once on land this is not the only trouble that's bothering them. As they see the stockade and proceed towards it they are attacked by the mutineers led by Job Anderson. The mutineers run for their lives when Hunter, Joyce, the Squire and the doctor open fire at them.

Just when they start rejoicing the victory, a bullet hits Redruth. He is carried to the stockade, bleeding profusely. He dies shortly afterwards. This incident makes them review their safety. There is also a solemn burial ceremony as Redruth dies on duty. The reader may note that Tom Redruth is the first character to die from the Captain's group.

The act of the Captain to fly the Union Jack on the stockade and his refusal to take it off despite heavy firing from the enemy camp shows the patriotic spirit of the Captain.

The Captain and his men are depressed, however, due to these and other losses they have faced. They are also genuinely worried about Jim. With the chapter's end, Jim appears on the scene and is ready to rejoin his group.

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