On reaching Dr. Livesey's house, they are informed that he has gone to the Hall with Squire Trelawney. They finally track him down, and when Dr. Livesey inquired about Captain Flint, the Squire tells them that he was the blood-thirstiest buccaneer that ever sailed who was feared by one and all. The Captain, he said, had amassed a great deal of wealth that they would require a whole ship to collect it.

They open the oil skin packet that was found in the sea chest and find a book and sealed paper. The book listed information found in account books with latitudes and longitudes and an account of the number of ships they had plundered; information gathered over some twenty years. This does not help them much. But the sealed paper gives them valuable details about a nine-mile long island, Skeleton Island, with names of hills and the location of the bulk of the buried treasure.

This suddenly brings light in the eyes of the Squire and Dr. Livesey. The Squire decides to unearth the hidden treasure and makes his way to Bristol to get the best ship and crew without wasting any time. He appoints Dr. Livesey as the ship's doctor and Jim as a cabin boy and himself, the Captain. The doctor approves Mr. Trelawney's decision to accompany him on the condition that he would not tell anyone about their secret possession. He feared the men who had destroyed the Inn would be after them to get the details of the treasure and should anyone know of their plans, they would face grave problems.


This concluding chapter of the first section brings the reader to the brink of adventure. When Mr. Dance tells Dr. Livesey and the Squire about the incidents at the Inn, they appreciate his, as well as Jim's efforts. This is the first time when Jim is acknowledged as a responsible youngster. While having supper at the Hall, Jim listens to Squire Trelawney describing what he knows of Captain Flint's adventures. Jim is given due respect by Dr. Livesey before they open the mysterious oilskin packet. In the book, Jim observes the writings and a familiar tattoo mark he had seen on Captain Billy Bones' body. But besides these, they don't get any clue as to why the Inn was attacked. So they open the stitched paper bag. The carefully stitched bag when opened reveals a secret that leaves all three stunned. There is a map of the nine-mile long Skeleton Island, its exact location, the names of the hills and the route to get there. The exact location of a hidden treasure is written clearly on a piece of paper.

After deciding that they would embark on the journey to the island, the Squire appoints Jim as a cabin boy to accompany them on their adventure. This shows the amount of trust these older men have in Jim. Thus we see Jim emerge as a responsible boy in the eyes of adults.

This section completely develops the character of the protagonist from a boy who works on his father's inn to an adventurous, daring and a mature young man who is all set to embark on his first sea voyage.

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