29, 1989



Lafeyette's hearing at last arrives. The boys on trial for vandalizing the Toyota are all from the same neighborhood, but hang out with different crowds. Their public defender is Anne Rhodes, a tough, hard-boiled, almost curt attorney. She is overworked and tired of what she sees each day, but she is also very perceptive when it comes to the behavior of the kids in the projects. They are still just children to her. She comes to believe that most of the five boys are innocent and that only one boy can really be guilty. However, she is.......


Once again, because of circumstances beyond his control, an innocent black youth - Lafeytte - ends up with a ........



Lafeyette receives probation and 100 hours of community service. He works after school with children at the Boy's Club. The author helps get both boys into a private school. Pharoah is thriving there although his daydreaming and forgetfulness sometimes get him in trouble. Through his accomplishments at school, he is awarded a.......


Although the fears and problems the Rivers family faces are not completely gone, they are, at least at the end of this........


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