Sunday, December 3, later

It is time for Mom and Dad’s important meeting. As guests arrive they are given papers listing items that have been reported stolen from the tented houses. The chairs are arranged so that the Fishers and Bauers are separate from the rest of the guests.

Before starting the meeting, Mom insists, with backup from Mr. Bauer, that Erik and Arthur join the meeting. This they reluctantly do.

Mom tells those gathered that, on November twenty-second, she discovered a bag containing some of the stolen items as well as some equipment used in the robberies. The bag was in their family’s storage bin. That same afternoon she conferred with the sergeant in charge of the investigation.

Mom then looks at the guests and tells them that Erik and Arthur have admitted being the culprits. Mom and Dad present a plan that they have worked out. Attempts will be made to get back items that the two gave away.

The families will reimburse those whose stuff is not returned. If all those who suffered losses agree to this restitution plan, the sheriff will not charge them further.

This is when Paul receives a call from Joey saying that deputies are at the Bauer house looking for Arthur. Paul says that Arthur is right there with him. He lets Joey know that passing this information on to the deputies is fine with him.

Meanwhile, Arthur’s father is pleading the boys’ case with a very unsympathetic group. But, eventually, with no other realistic choice, the victims agree to the plan.

Just as the meeting is breaking up, the deputies arrive, looking for Arthur. They find him. And, their handcuffs find his wrists. They tell him that he is under arrest for Luis’ murder. Hearing this, Arthur’s father starts telling the deputies what Arthur told him. When Arthur told him, he had twisted the story of what happened to make Luis sound like some guy just looking for trouble.

Paul interrupts by telling the deputies that the murder weapon, a blackjack, is probably still in Arthur’s Land Cruiser. Paul follows this surprising statement with another. He tells them that he was a witness to what happened.

After one deputy leaves to guard the Land Cruiser, the other deputy asks for more information. Paul tells him that Erik told Arthur to do it. When questioned, Erik admits it. The deputy tells Dad to keep Erik in the house. Then, he drives away with Arthur in the back of the cruiser. Arthur’s family follows the cruiser.

The people who attended the meeting leave for their homes. Joey goes to the Bauers’ place where the deputy now is.

Shortly after the crowd disperses, Grandmom and Grandpop arrive. Grandpop wants to know what happened to Erik. Erik tells him that he was kicked in the face, and then disappears.

Dad leads Grandmom and Grandpop into the kitchen. As Dad tells them about recent events, they don’t display any surprise. Grandmom says that what is happening now is because they did not get Erik the help he needed years ago. Grandpop agrees with her. After some awkward moments, the grandparents decide to head on down to Orlando, their destination.

After a quick tour of the downstairs part of the house and a verbal description of the upper floor, it is almost time to hit the road. But, Grandpop has one more thing to do. He goes upstairs to Erik’s door and speaks quietly to him. Then, after putting his arm around her shoulder, he wishes his daughter good luck and follows Grandmom to their car.

As the grandparents pull away, there is a phone call from Dr. Johnson, Paul’s principal, who wants to set up a meeting for early tomorrow morning.

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