Wednesday, August 30

Erik is in the backyard with Arthur Bauer; Arthur’s sister, Paige who is a sophmore; and Tina Turreton, who is a junior. The girls are cheerleaders. Arthur holds the football and Erik kicks it. This happens again and again. The two football players and the two cheerleaders had arrived at the Fisher home in Arthur’s white Toyota Land Cruiser.

Paul knows that Arthur Bauer will do whatever is required to be part of the Erik Fisher Football Dream because his involvement in the Dream will give Arthur a chance to be somebody.

Thursday, August 31

Paul finds out that soccer team tryouts will be held tomorrow.

Paul and his mother go to their storage place on Route 22. His mother takes some drapes and quilts that she wants to protect from damage due to the smoke from the muck fire.

When they return home, Paul calls Joey Costello and, later, he and Joey run. On their run, Joey points out a house that has been struck by lightning three times. Mr. Donnelly lives there with his son. Paul predicts that it will be struck by lightning again. When Joey asks him to explain, Paul tells him that the lightning remembers the spot. His explanation is that, before the development of the area, where the Donnelly's home is located was the highest spot in the area and lightning would strike there. Now, the area has been leveled, but the lightning remembers the spot.

Joey doesn't accept Paul's explanation. He doesn't think that lightning knows stuff. Paul admits that what he said might be an exaggeration.

Friday, September 1

Today is the day of the soccer tryouts. After school, as they head toward the soccer field, Joey tells Paul that, since Paul is a goalie, he plans to go out for fullback instead of goalie.

Coach Walski explains the way the team operates. Everyone makes the team, but not everyone plays in the games. He tells the players that Gino Deluca will be the team captain this year. Then, it is time for a run around the field followed by calisthenics. After that, Paul puts on his soccer gear, including his goggles, and stands near the goal until he is noticed. The player in the goal thinks that he looks like a Martian in his goggles. Gino, the captain, suggests that Paul be the goaltender. When Paul deflects Gino's shot at the goal, Gino is impressed. Paul is confident that he will be the goalie in the games.

Tuesday, September 5

As Paul and his mother are unloading bags of groceries from the station wagon, Erik and Arthur arrive and Erik tells them that Mike Costello was killed today by lightning.

After Erik tells Mom that Dad had been at the scene and had called 911, Mom tries to get a hold of him. When he returns her call, he verifies that what Erik said was correct.

Paul hears happy voices. It is Erik and Arthur on the patio. At first Paul cannot understand their happiness. Then, he realizes that they will benefit from Mike's death.

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