Tangerine Study Guide


Tangerine is set in fictional Tangerine County, Florida. The time is around 1997, when the book was written.

Main Characters

Paul Fisher
The protagonist, is twelve years old and in seventh grade. He is considered to be legally blind. He plays soccer, mostly as goalie.

Erik Fisher
The antagonist, is Paul’s older brother. He is cruel. He is the focus of what Paul calls the Erik Fisher Football Dream.

Mom (Mrs. Fisher)
Paul and Erik’s mother. She grew up in a military family. She drives a Volvo wagon.

Dad (Mr. Fisher)
Paul and Erik’s father. He drives a Range Rover. He is the Deputy Director of the Civil Engineering Department of Tangerine County. During the story, he becomes its Director.

Minor Characters

Joey Costello
Mike’s brother and Paul’s friend.

Mike Costello
He was chosen by Coach Warner to be backup quarterback. He is killed by lightning.

Jack Costello
Joey and Mike’s father. He is the president of the Homeowners’ Association of Lake Windsor Downs. He is heavyset.

Arthur Bauer
Erik’s friend. He causes the death of Luis Cruz.

Paige Bauer
Arthur Bauer's sister. She is a cheerleader and a sophomore.

Mr. Bauer
Arthur’s father. He is a major in the Army National Guard. He is a building contractor.

Antoine Thomas
A star football player for Lake Windsor High School.

Shandra Thomas
A goalie. She is Antoine’s sister.

Theresa Cruz
The Tangerine Middle School student who shows Paul around on his first day at school.

Tino Cruz
Theresa’s brother. He is on the soccer team.

Luis Cruz
Theresa and Tino’s older brother. He grows tangerines and other citrus fruit. He has developed a new tangerine.

Victor Guzman
The unchallenged leader of the Tangerine Middle School War Eagles soccer team. He gets suspended for three days because of something that happens at the carnival. Along with Tino, he attempts to get even for Luis’ death.

A member of the Tangerine Volunteer Fire Department. He is young, not much older than Erik.

Henry D.
Wayne’s Brother. His last name is Dilkes. He is a student and soccer player at Tangerine Middle School. He is a part of the science group. He helps at the citrus groves.

Mr. Donnelly
He lives in a house that has been struck by lightning three times. He is publisher of The Tangerine Times.

Coach Warner
The Lake Windsor High football coach.

Betty Bright
The Tangerine Middle School soccer coach.

Bud Bridges
The Lake Windsor High School principal. His wife is the language arts teacher. He is short and fat. He has been the Principal since the school opened ten years ago.

Dr. Grace Johnson
The Tangerine Middle School principal

Ms. Alvarez
Paul’s homeroom teacher at Lake Windsor Middle School.

Mrs. Gates
The Lake Windsor Middle School principal.

Tommy Acoso
A soccer player from the Philippines who can keep the soccer ball in the air using his head, feet and knees.

Gino Deluca
The Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team captain.

Mr. Walski
The head soccer coach for Lake Windsor Middle School. He is also an eighth grade teacher.

Vincent Castor
He was Erik’s friend in the past. He was similar to Arthur Bauer. He is only mentioned in the story. He is not currently a part of the story.

Old Charley Burns
The Director of the Civil Engineering Department of Tangerine County. He is Mr. Fisher’s boss. He loves stock-car racing and watching football.

Grandpop, (Paul's grandfather)
His mother's father. He was a master sergeant in the Army. He is now a security guard in an office building.

Grandmom, (Paul's grandmother)
His mother's mother. Until recently, she had a day-care business.

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