Howard Hiatt tells Kidder that Paul and Jim have mobilized the world to accept drug-resistant TB as a soluble problem. He feels this is no small matter, because two million people a year die of TB, and when they include MDR patients, the number can increase dramatically. Add malaria to this problem, and it's obvious the world faces catastrophe on a scale not seen in centuries. He wonders what would happen if the time Paul gives to patients one-on-one in Haiti were converted to a major program elsewhere in the world. Think what he accomplishes now, and what he could do if he spent most of his time on worldwide projects.

Farmer is widely respected throughout the world for his work, but only he seems to know what his overall plan is. Kidder likes to watch him answer his e-mail in Cange, on airplanes, and in airport waiting rooms. He receives many, asking him for a variety of help and from all over the world. Farmer always answers promptly even though he may have upwards of 75 messages a day. These days, as Ophelia says, Wherever he is, he's missing from somewhere. In a two week period, Kidder accompanies him from Cange to a church group in South Carolina to Cuba for an AIDS conference to Moscow for TB business and a stop in Paris en route. On these trips, he maybe wears.......



This chapter reveals a great deal about the kind of man Paul is as Kidder follows him on a typical trip from Cange to Miami to Cuba. His personality and......


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