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1. What happens to the first Earthian expedition sent to Mars?
a. The sole Earthian is killed by a jealous Martian husband.
b. He falls in love with a Martian woman and cuts off contact with Earth.
c. He drowns in a Martian canal.
d. None of the above.

2. Where do the four members of the second Expedition spend their first night on Mars?
a. At a camp set up by the canals.
b. In a Martian hotel with surprisingly high prices.
c. At the home of a Martian family.
d. In a Martian insane asylum.

3. What do the crewmen of the third expedition do that upsets their captain, John Black?
a. Abandon their posts to meet with dead relatives.
b. Get drunk and throw a wild party at their encampment.
c. Allow one of their own to murder another.
d. None of the above.

4. What does the title "-And the Moon Be Still as Bright" refer to as a literary quote?
a. A nursery rhyme.
b. A line from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
c. A poem by Lord Byron.
d. A Martian death cry.

5. What does Hathaway of the fourth expedition discover about the Martians?
a. Certain cities have been dead for thousands of years.
b. The Martian population died very recently from chickenpox.
c. Both of the above.
d. Neither of the above.

6. How does Jeff Spender ultimately elude pursuit from the fourth expedition?
a. He kills all but Captain Wilder.
b. He stops running and allows himself to be killed.
c. He finds a tribe of Martians and becomes one of them.
d. He steals the rocket and strands the others.

7. What happens after Benjamin Driscoll sees the results of his tree-planting efforts?
a. He dies from a strangling, mutated tree branch.
b. He meets a grateful Martian from the future.
c. He faints.
d. He returns to Earth in disgust.

8. Where was Tomas Gomez headed when he meets Muhe Ca?
a. A job interview at a mining colony.
b. Nowhere in particular, he was only out for a drive.
c. A party in another town.
d. A cruise down a Martian canal.

9. In "The Musicians", what were the boys told not to do?
a. Feed their Martian pets after midnight.
b. Play in the dead Martian cities.
c. Play the Martian musical instruments stored in the warehouses.
d. Listen to rock and roll music.

10. What kind of business does Samuel Teece own?
a. A Martian mining conglomerate.
b. A hardware store in the southern United States.
c. A rocket tour company.
d. A tobacco farm on Earth.

11. According to "Usher II", when was the Great Fire?
a. 1950.
b. 2000.
c. 1925.
d. 1975.

12. What is the special ability of the title character in "The Martian"?
a. It could recreate itself to look like one's dead relative.
b. It could heal the sick with its blood.
c. It could see the future of any person who looks in its eyes.
d. None of the above.

13. What business does Sam Parkhill establish on Mars?
a. A wind-sailing thrill ride.
b. A hot dog stand.
c. A gun shop.
d. None, he was killed by Jeff Spender when the fourth expedition landed.

14. What does Walter Gripp do after meeting Genevieve Selsor?
a. Shoot himself in the foot by accident.
b. Run away.
c. Marry her and declare themselves New Martians.
d. Clone himself and herself to re-populate Mars.

15. Who are the new Martians of "The Million-Year Picnic"?
a. Muhe Ca and his bride.
b. The Thomas family.
c. The Hathaway family.
d. There are no Martians in the story.

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