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The story is set in New England; specifically the Boston, Massachusetts area during the American Civil War. The domestic lives of the March family as the four girls and their mother survive on their own during hard times is the setting of the story.


Major Characters

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March
The four March sisters:
Meg (Margaret) is the oldest at 16 years
Jo (Josephine) is 15
Beth (Elizabeth) is around 13
Amy (Amelia) is 12.

Mrs. March
Called Marmee

Mr. Laurence’s grandson

Minor Characters

The house keeper

The girl's father

Mr. Laurence
The next door neighbor

Mr. Brooke
Laurie’s tutor-marries Meg

The Moffats
(Sally-best friend of Meg’s)

Fred and Frank Vaughn
English friends of Laurie’s. Fred proposes to Amy in France.

Aunt Carrol
The Aunt who goes to Europe and takes Amy as a companion for herself and a cousin named Flo.

Aunt March
A wealthy widowed aunt for whom both Amy and Jo work as a companion at different times. Puts up the money for Amy to go to Europe. She wills her house to Jo.

Professor Bhaer
German teacher in the house in New York. Marries Jo.

Mrs. Kirke
A New York friend of Mrs. March who hires Jo as a governess for her children.

Mr. Dashwood
The editor of the Weekly Volcano, a sensational paper of the day.

Daisy and Demi
Meg’s twins.

The Scotts
Neighbors to Meg and John.

The Chesters
Wealthy people in the community who put on a fair and ask Amy to participate.

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott: Free BookNotes Summary

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