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1. Where is the author when he first hears about Piscine Patel?
a. Canada
b. India
c. home

2. Who is narrating the italicized chapters?
a. Piscine
b. Martel
c. a fictional author

3. Piscine was named after a ____.
a. pool
b. relative
c. famous Indian actor

4. What animal is the most dangerous to man?

a. elephant
b. golden agouti
c. alligator

5. What animal is the most dangerous to zoo animals?
a. elephant
b. tiger
c. man

6. Richard Parker is a ____.
a. friend of Piís
b. tiger
c. priest

7. Orange Juice is an ____.
a. monkey
b. chimpanzee
c. orangutan

8. Besides Orange Juice and Richard Parker, the two others in Piís lifeboat are a ___ and a ___.
a. zebra, hyena
b. dog, zebra
c. Golden agouti, hyena

9. What is prusten?
a. an Indian rice dish
b. a Hindu offering
c. a sound tigers make

10. Pi hesitates killing the flying fish because he is a ____.
a. vegetarian
b. wimp
c. worshipper of the fish god

11. What does Pi wish he had besides salvation?
a. a book
b. another pen
c. a beer

12. What was the name of the ship that sank?
a. Titanic II
b. Tsimtsum
c. Panama Lady

13. Pi could not see the other castaway because Pi was temporarily ____.
a. unconscious
b. blind
c. insane

14. Where did Piís lifeboat come ashore?
a. Mexico
b. India
c. Bahamas

15. Where did they end up finding Richard Parker?
a. in the jungle
b. still in the lifeboat
c. they did not find him

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