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The Better Story

The major theme is the value of the better story. As Pi puts it, The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no? How we interpret reality can be, as it is for Pi, our faith. We need to believe in something beyond the seen. It helps us deal with fear. It helps us find a better story.

Everything about life is a story and we can choose our own story. Martel's point is that the story that is more imaginative is the better story. The reader can choose whether Pi's life is real-life fiction or imaginative fiction. Pi presents the........

Science and Religion

A theme, and also a recurring motif, is the bringing together of science and religion as equal ways of understanding the world. Pi's zoo upbringing and his relationship to the animals provide a scientific understanding of the world. His ........


The story is told in the first person, but by two different narrators. At first, as expected, the Author's Note is in the author's voice, but this voice becomes a fictional narrator as the story progresses. The bulk of the narration is reminiscences of the adult Pi as told to.......

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