Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. How old is Chris when Jim Gallien picks him up in Alaska?

A. 18
B. 24
C. 29

2. What did the coroner determine Chris died from?

A. Starvation
B. Malaria
C. Cancer

3. What kind of car did Chris drive?

A. A Ford
B. A Honda
C. A Datsun

4. How did Chris lose his car?

A. In a flash flood
B. In a collision with another car
C. He gave it to a homeless man

5. What did Chris steal from Crazy Ernie’s farm?

A. A bicycle
B. A cow
C. A gun

6. Why did Chris go to jail after he came back from Mexico?

A. He tried to import tequila
B. He brought an illegal immigrant with him
C. He had no identification

7. Who was the Mayor of Hippie Cove?

A. Chris McCandless
B. Gene Rosellini
C. Carl McCunn

8. Whose pseudonym was “Nemo”?

A. Chris McCandless
B. Everett Ruess
C. John Waterman

9. How did authorities find Chris’s family?

A. From a picture of his mom and dad that Chris carried
B. By tracking his Social Security number
C. From his home address, which he had sewn into his sleeping bag

10. What does Jon Krakauer climb?

A. Mount Rushmore
B. Davis Gulch
C. Devil’s Thumb

11. What river was McCandless unable to cross?

A. The Teklanika River
B. The Delaware River
C. The Susquehanna River

12. What animal did McCandless feel regret for killing?

A. A doe
B. A moose
C. A dove

13. What could have saved McCandless’s life?

A. A map
B. Bird feathers
C. A toothbrush

14. Which of the following was NOT a speculation about what killed McCandless?

A. The wild sweet pea
B. Potato seeds
C. A poisonous snake

15. How did Billie and Walt get to the site of Chris’s death?

A. They walked
B. They took a helicopter
C. The drive his Datsun

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