Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. Where does the narrator of the Prologue / Epilogue encounter the Illustrated Man?
a. At the edges of a carnival.
b. In the Wisconsin countryside.
c. Hitchhiking down a highway.
d. All of the above.

2. How did the Illustrated Man gain his tattoos?
a. He claims he was born with them.
b. He cannot remember, it happened too long ago.
c. An old woman from the future gave them to him.
d. None of the above.

3. In "The Veldt", what sound do the George and Lydia Hadley hear throughout the story and finally recognize in the end?
a. Their own screams as they were killed by lions.
b. The screams of their children as they died in the Veldt.
c. Tribal drums from a visit to the real Africa, many years earlier.
d. None of the above.

4. In "Kaleidoscope", what does Applegate claim in order to anger Hollis?
a. That he stole Hollis' extra air supply right before the explosion.
b. That he slept with Hollis' wife.
c. That he blackballed Hollis at a company, ruining his career.
d. That he was responsible for the rocket's explosion.

5. In "The Other Foot", what has happened to the people who lynched Willie Johnson's parents?
a. They have been wiped away in atomic war, like everyone else.
b. They served their time in a jail which was blown up by atomic war.
c. They wait in the rocket to apologize to Johnson.
d. They took their own rocket to colonize Venus.

6. In "The Long Rain", what is the beast the men must watch out for?
a. A Venusian creature that resembles a mountain.
b. Creeping vegetation that grows on anything that doesn't move.
c. A massive electrical storm.
d. None of the above.

7. What finally convinces Captain Hart that the lead character in "The Man" is real?
a. Martin's pleas for Hart to look into his heart.
b. News that the other two rockets in the area were damaged by a cosmic storm.
c. Hart awakes to find his withered arm healed.
d. The Mayor shows him photographs from a surveillance camera.

8. In "The Exiles", what has happened to Santa Claus?
a. He had grown old and skinny, now that Christmas is no longer celebrated on Earth.
b. Santa Claus does not appear in the story.
c. He has armed himself for the eventual confrontation with the Earth rocket.
d. He continues to run his toy shop for the children of Charles Dickens' stories.

9. In "The Fox and the Forest", what clue gives away travelers from the future?
a. An inability to speak the local language.
b. Being unusually taller and healthier than the natives of that time.
c. Excessive interest in a wide variety of liquors and smokes.
d. A gold bracelet they must wear while in another time.

10. How does Leonard Mark try to escape from Saul's cave in "The Visitor"?
a. He uses his abilities to make Saul injure himself.
b. He poses as a rock.
c. He turns into Saul's look-alike.
d. None of the above.

11. On Mars, what does Ettil Vrye use as evidence of the Earthian resilience to a Martian invasion?
a. His Martian intuition.
b. Radio transmissions of early rock music.
c. Pulp science fiction magazines.
d. Television game shows depicting Earthian intelligence.

12. In "The City", what happened to the inhabitants of the city?
a. They became robot slaves caring to the city's needs.
b. There were never any inhabitants in the city.
c. They return in a rocket, as they were originally Earthian colonists.
d. They died from disease warfare at the hands of Earthians.

13. In "Zero Hour", who are the first Mink plans to kill after the invasion?
a. Her parents.
b. Drill and his friends.
c. Kids who've gotten too old to play the game.
d. None of the above.

14. In "The Rocket", who accepts Bodini's original offer for a trip on a rocket?
a. Maria, his wife.
b. Paolo, his son.
c. Bramante, the neighbor.
d. None of them.

15. What does the back tattoo in the story "The Illustrated Man" eventually depict?
a. The Illustrated Man's own death at the hand of circus freaks.
b. Lisabeth cheating on her husband.
c. The carnival in flames.
d. A plague spreading across the countryside.

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