CHAPTER FIFTEEN - The Three Visions


The beauty of Betsie's face sustained Corrie over the next days as she went from one woman to another telling them about the miracle of the peace and joy that was on her sister's face. Three mornings after Betsie's death, Corrie was called over the loudspeaker to stand aside for the count, and then she was ordered to follow a guard where she stood in line until she received an order of discharge. Finally, like Betsie who had gone to God, Corrie, too, was released. However, she didn't pass the medical inspection required for release, so she was sent to the hospital until she could reduce the swelling in her legs and ankles.

Her time in the hospital was unimaginable for Corrie who saw the most terrible suffering and the even worse indifference of the hospital staff. Every day she hobbled for inspection and wondered as she did many what ifs . . . She knew that Betsie would never have passed the physical and probably would have been sent to the gas chambers, but in her mind, she heard Betsie say that there are no ifs in God's Kingdom. Everything was in God's time. So, Corrie waited again, dealing with such disgusting moments as having a gangrenous bandage thrown in her face as she pleaded with some Gypsy women to share the bedpans they were hoarding. Eventually, she was able to calm the sick and go on with her wait.

The morning after that event, the doctor finally gave her permission to leave. She was.........


Corrie's final chapter is one which shows the power and love of God in the form of three visions. The first is New Year's Day, 1945. Betsie had predicted they would both be released by that day and she was right. The second vision comes in the form of Mrs. Bierens de........



Corrie officially opened the camp in Darmstadt with the support of the German.......

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