1. What happened to the pilot who flew over the community?

a.) He had to go to additional training.
b.) He was jailed for two months.
c.) He was released.
d.) He was given another assignment and no longer allowed to fly.
e.) He was put on display where others could make fun of him.

2. What is Jonas's father's assigned job?

a.) Elder
b.) Caretaker of the Old
c.) Instructor of Elevens
d.) Receiver
e.) Nurturer

3. What is Jonas's mother's assigned position?

a.) Birthmother
b.) Worker in Dept. of Justice
c.) Librarian
d.) Nurturer
e.) Worker in Dept. of Education

4. At what age are children assigned the job they will perform as an adult?

a.) 12
b.) 15
c.) 16
d.) 18
e.) 21

5. What book is not in every household?

a.) Encyclopedia
b.) Dictionary
c.) A thick community volume containing descriptions of every office, factory, building and committee
d.) Book of Rules

6. What was the name of the previous Receiver?

a.) Fiona
b.) Gabriel
c.) Rosemary
d.) Asher
e.) Larissa

7. How many children did each Birthmother have?

a.) 3
b.) 4
c.) 6
d.) No set number
e.) Number set by the Elders for each Birthmother

8. How many children were in each family group?

a.) 2
b.) 3
c.) 4
d.) No set number
e.) Number set by the Elders for each family

9. The children in the community were taught to use words precisely, always saying exactly what they meant. Which word is an example of a word used in the community that really did not follow this guide?

a.) Recreation
b.) Release
c.) Road
d.) River
e.) Runner

10. Where did Jonas want to go when he left the community?

a.) Elsewhere
b.) To a neighboring state
c.) Back in time
d.) To the future
e.) Down the river

11. What did the Giver and Jonas have that no one else had.

a.) Memories
b.) Families
c.) A map
d.) Bicycles
e.) Watches

12. Who does Jonas take with him when he leaves the community?

a.) Larissa
b.) Lily
c.) Asher
d.) Fiona
e.) Gabriel

13. What was in the first memory the Giver gave to Jonas?

a.) War
b.) Gabriel
c.) River
d.) Sled
e.) Asher

14. How does Jonas help Gabriel to sleep through the night?

a.) He reads him stories while he falls asleep.
b.) He takes him on a bicycle ride.
c.) He rocks him.
d.) He sings to him.
e.) He gives him relaxing memories.

15. What is Lily's impression of elephants?

a.) They are imaginary.
b.) They lived many years ago.
c.) They live in Elsewhere.
d.) They are only in zoos.
e.) They only live on the other side of the river.

16. Why does Jonas leave the community more quickly than planned?

a.) Preparations did not take as long as expected.
b.) Gabriel will soon be adopted and Jonas will lose contact with him, so he needs to take him away.
c.) The Giver wants to leave with Jonas and says that leaving soon would be better.
d.) The decision to release Gabriel has been made, so Jonas needs to take him where he cannot be found.
e.) If they leave immediately, they will be able to get a ride part of the way.

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