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1. When does Douglas Spaulding first become aware he is alive?

a. Waking up at his grandparents home at the start of summer
b. While picking fox grapes with his father and brother
c. Staring into the ravine in the middle of town
d. After the Lonely One tries to murder him

2. What animals does Mr. Sanderson describe to refer to the sensation of wearing Douglas' new sneakers?

a. Antelopes and gazelles
b. Bulls and bears
c. Frogs and squirrels
d. None of the above

3. What exactly is the Green Machine?

a. The wagon belonging to junkman Ned Jonas
b. The other serial killer lurking in the ravine
c. A machine that captures happiness
d. An electrically-powered automobile

4. What are the ingredients of dandelion wine?

a. Dandelion pollen and freshly squeezed fox grapes
b. Freshly pulled dandelions and rain water from a barrel
c. Dandelion stems, sunlight, and water from the lake
d. None of the above

5. What is Leo Auffmann's true Happiness Machine?

a. The thrill of scientific discovery
b. His wife and kids
c. A rocket hidden in the ravine
d. A ray beam that bestows immortality

6. According to Grandfather Spaulding, where is the best place to be a philosopher?

a. On the porch of one's home
b. Outside city hall, on a soap box
c. While doing the gardening
d. Being a philosopher is "no darn good" any place

7. Memories of times past are found where?

a. In the dandelion wine
b. In the dust and stains of rugs
c. In Colonel Freeleigh's stories
d. All of the above

8. Which of the following is Tom's brilliant addition to Douglas' summertime list?

a. Night time is the spreading of shadows from under billions of trees
b. Old people were never children
c. Neither A nor B
d. Both A and B

9. Who is Ching Sing Loo?

a. The distant cousin of Ned Jonas, the traveling junkman
b. The replacement wax figure in the arcade
c. A magician whose death Colonel Freeleigh witnessed many years ago
d. The author of a book of black magic

10. Why does Douglas declare John Huff his enemy?

a. He's upset that John is moving away
b. He calls Douglas chicken for avoiding the ravine
c. He locks Douglas in the ice house
d. He refuses to visit Colonel Freeleigh

11. What is Elmira Brown's talisman of purity and innocence?

a. A dozen rabbit feet
b. The Bible
c. Tom Spaulding
d. All of the above

12. What city does Colonel Freeleigh call on his last day alive?

a. Mexico City, Mexico
b. Vancouver, Canada
c. New York, New York
d. Tokyo, Japan

13. When does William Forrester first fall in love with Helen Loomis?

a. At the drug store over a cup of ice cream
b. Seeing an old picture of her in a newspaper
c. Over a cup of tea in her garden
d. He never fell in love with her

14. Where does the Lonely One confront Lavinia Nebbs?

a. In the ravine
b. On her porch, while he sips her lemonade
c. Inside her house, once she locked herself safe inside
d. Lavinia is actually the Lonely One

15. How is Douglas' life saved when he falls ill?

a. His grandfather makes him sip from every bottle of dandelion wine
b. His grandmother cooks him his favorite dish
c. He is given Colonel Freeleigh's heirloom watch
d. Ned Jonas brings him bottled air

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Free Online Study Guide for Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
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