1. Merlin learns of his power and sees his first vision in

a.) Maridunum
b.) the crystal cave
c.) Tintagel

2. Merlin's vision of a man and a young girl in a cave is actually

a.) a vision of his own conception
b.) a vision of Arthur's conception
c.) a vision of a Uther and Ygraine

3. Merlin's father is Ambrosius who will be

a.) King of Less Britain
b.) King of Britain and Ireland
c.) King of All Britain

4. Ambrosius is buried

a.) at the Dance of Killare
b.) by the standing stones in Less Britain
c.) amidst the Giant's Dance at Amesbury

5. Ambrosius defeats Vortigern by

a.) by using siege machines
b.) be meeting him on a plain
c.) by burning him out of his castle

6. The servant who stays by Merlin's side even at Tintagel is

a.) Cadal
b.) Cerdic
c.) Ralf

7. Ambrosius defeats Hengist and the Saxons

a.) on a plain below the hills
b.) by using siege machines
c.) by burning him out

8. Ambrosius shows his great compassion as a leader by

a.) making Merlin his heir
b.) burying Hengist with full honors
c.) making Uther his heir

9. Merlin shows honor to his father by

a.) burying him without his sword
b.) burying him in London with a monument over his grave
c.) burying him in a spot where the sun of the winter solstice will light up his grave

10. Uther commands that Merlin attend his coronation because

a.) he will name him his heir
b.) he wants him to help him claim Ygraine
c.) he needs his power to defeat Hengist's brothers

11. Ygraine is the wife of

a.) the Duke of Cornwall
b.) the Duke of York
c.) the Duke of Lancaster

12. Ygraine asks that Merlin see her in her bedchamber because

a.) she wants Uther as much as he wants her
b.) she is pregnant to Gorlois and needs medicine
c.) she is afraid of Uther and wants Merlin to protect her

13. Merlin helps Uther take Tintagel but the price is

a.) Merlin's death
b.) the deaths of Ygraine and Gorlois
c.) the deaths of four men, including Cadal

14. After Merlin achieves Uther's desire, Uther

a.) praises him and promises him great power
b.) repudiates him and blames him for all the deaths
c.) kills him for allowing three men to die

15. In the end, the rising sun toward which Merlin rides represents

a.) the coming of Arthur
b.) the end of the kingdom of Britain
c.) the death of Ambrosius

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