The novel is divided into five parts to portray the progression of Merlin's story from boyhood to prophet and each one is entitled with important symbols. Book I - the Dove is symbolic of Merlin's need to run away until he is old enough to fight his battles; Book II - The Falcon symbolizes Merlin's step towards manhood and the strength he must.........


The rising action begins with Merlin's discovery of his Sight and his destiny at the hand of the gods. We see him grow into a strong young man in the court of Ambrosius in Less Britain where he.........


The falling action is seen in the final pages of the novel. Merlin comes down to the shore, wounded and heartsick at the death of Britnael. There he finds Cadal who he believes is dead. He carefully covers his body with his cloak and then watches as Uther comes down from Ygraine's bedchamber. Uther blames the deaths of the four men on Merlin and then goes on to blame all the..............


The entire point of view is first person. Merlin is the narrator, so we see all the action from his perspective. All the characters are fleshed out by.........


This novel overlaps several genres and is difficult to classify. It can be classified as: Historical Fiction, Arthurian Legend, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, and others.

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