BOOK V - The Coming of the Bear



The emerald ring of the Duke gets the three of them by the porter, Felix. Then, when two guards, Marcus and Sellic, appear .......


This chapter is one which helps build the suspense of the moment. We wonder at what point the King will be recognized and they will be..........

New names in this chapter: Marcus and Sellic, two guards at Tintagel



Ralf tells the two guards they may return to the guard-room as their work is done for the night. One of them goes willingly, but the other hesitates asking Brithael (Merlin) if this is acceptable. Merlin plays his role perfectly and the guard follows his companion. Ralf is in awe of Merlin who sounded so much like Brithael that Ralf thought it was magic.

While waiting for the King, Merlin is unable to sit still. He paces around in worry and heartache until he hears what he thinks is..........


Merlin's vision of Marcia carrying the child to him foreshadows Arthur's birth and it's only when the star, which has appeared to.......



Just as Merlin moves to enter the castle again, he sees Felix make for the gate below and Ralf behind him with dagger, whose hilt he uses to stop the old man. At the gate is an unforeseen problem: the real Brithael has returned to Tintagel. He has a message for the Duchess, he says, and he won't be sent around to the main gate. Merlin has.........


Merlin's premonition of death comes true as Felix and the real Brithael both die. The Duke's decision to attack proves to be the..........



There is just enough light for Merlin to see his way to the sand, crawling and stumbling all the way. Halfway up from the beach he finds Cadal. He realizes his much-loved servant has a mortal wound and he covers him with his cloak just as Uther and Ulfin appear. Uther is bitter with Merlin who, he thinks, should have known about Brithael's return and the Duke's death before they even came to Cornwall. He believes they should have waited until the next day and then, those who had died would still be alive, the Duke would be dead and Ygraine would be his to..........


Uther proves himself to be exactly the character that Merlin believed: only a regent to follow a great king and to precede an even.........

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