BOOK V - The Coming of the Bear



When Merlin first enters Ygraine's room, he looks down on the bed, but doesn't see a woman lying there. Instead, he sees only the flashing and beating of the light as in the crystal globe. Ygraine then opens her eyes after Merlin clears the room of all but one of her ladies in waiting. Ygraine realizes that Merlin already knows she is not ill. Merlin asks her why she made no attempt to speak to the king about his advances. Ygraine replies that, with all the guards around her, she had no way to give him a message. Merlin lectures her that she could have given a message any time, if it........


The flashing lights Merlin sees as he first gazes upon Ygraine are an indication that the god is with him again. She is destined to be the mother of Arthur, so a way must be found to..........

New names in this chapter: Tintagel and Dimiliac, fortresses in Cornwall



Four of them ride to Cornwall: Merlin, Uther, Cadal, and Ulfin. The morning of the coronation, Merlin told Uther the plan and promised him his kingdom would survive the night in Cornwall. The result will be a child which Uther seems to be uninterested in discussing.

So everything comes about as Merlin had planned. He sees Ygraine at the crowning and is struck by the wonder of women. No matter whether queen or slut, he thinks they need not even think about how, but can easily deceive anyone. Uther plays his part by feigning great anger that the Duke left without his leave and Gorlois ends up in Dimiliac just as.........


Although the plan that Merlin has put into place is not magical, but man-made, there is the same sense of destiny creating the path down..........

New names in this chapter: Brithael, one of Gorlois' guards

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