BOOK V - The Coming of the Bear



At Easter, Merlin is still not of a mind to go to the coronation, but when he is commanded by the king, he prepares to go. The messenger who brings the command has ridden four days without stopping and has hurt his wrist in a fall from one of his horses. Merlin makes him come into the cave to bind his wound and allow time to rest and eat. While the messenger goes to.......


The command from Uther spells trouble since the king had sworn he wanted nothing to do with Merlin's prophecies. But Merlin knows that.........

New names in this chapter: Ygraine, the young wife of Gorlois, to whom Uther is greatly attracted



Once they arrive in London, Merlin recognizes that Cadal was right: here is real trouble. When he is brought before Uther, the king is in his dressing gown and angry that it took Merlin so long to get there. In actuality, the four day ride was record speed. The king is obviously agitated about something.

Uther tells Merlin about his desire for Gorlois' wife who the Duke has heavily guarded. Uther says that the moment he was.........


Uther's utter infatuation with Ygraine, the merging of the two dragons in Merlin's vision, the Duke seeking out Merlin, and Ygraine's request for..........

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