BOOK V - The Coming of the Bear

(the title refers to the a previous prophecy made by Merlin in which he referred to Arthur, a name that was misunderstood by those who heard it as artos or the bear)



A great dragon star blazed across the sky at the time of Ambrosius' death and from it, Uther takes the name of Pendragon. But it becomes a baleful herald for his new reign. The old enemies begin to rise up again, including Octa and Eosa who break their promise to stay on the other side of Hadrian's Wall. This is followed by remnants of Pascentius' Saxons and Gilloman's Irish. Eventually, Octa destroys cities and..........


It is interesting to note two aspects of this first battle testing Uther's ability to rule: one is the mist which rises up the hill to hide their numbers, a mist which in its mystery seems to be yet another deed prepared by the god; two is the fact that Uther is hailed as the rising sun after he defeats the Saxons, just at the moment when the...........

New names in this chapter: Pendragon, the name Uther takes as King when the King-Star crosses the sky; Damen, the hill where Uther's troops hole up waiting to siege Octa's troops



Uther rides from London to Winchester for Christmas. Merlin and Cadal return to the Giant's Dance and camp out waiting for Uther, who Merlin knows will come. Merlin has requested that Uther come here to see what he has done, which can only be seen properly at dawn. While they wait, Merlin confirms to Uther that it is true that Ambrosius had..........


It is ironic that Uther is so adamant that he cannot use Merlin as Ambrosius has, because before too long he will seek out Merlin for...........

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