BOOK IV - The Red Dragon



The army arrives in York three days before the end of May. This is where they find Octa and Eosa. The Saxons decide to beg for mercy. Ambrosius demands that the Saxon army withdraw to the north behind the Wall of Hadrian which he would count as the border of his kingdom. Then, he begins his occupation of York. He sends in his own troops to create order, clean...........


Ambrosius' great compassion is once again evident as he shows mercy to the remaining Saxons and sends them north beyond the border of Britain. Then, he begins the burden of ruling the people and bringing them stability, a compassionate decision that ironically will make him begin to grow old and lose the spark that had once moved a.......... .



On the journey to Caerleon, Merlin stops in Amesbury, the birthplace of his father. Nearby are the stones known as the Giant's Dance or The Dance of the Hanging Stones. When he visits them, Merlin is awed by their size and still has no idea why he has been brought her, but he knows that he has. He walks among them, noting that some have fallen and others are tilted over. He hears starlings nesting overhead and is reminded that this bird was sacred to the druids. He knows the stories about the druid worship at..........


The Giant's Dance is definitely a reference to Stonehenge and it is here where Merlin once again knows his .........

New names in this chapter: the Giant's Dance, another name for Stonehenge



As April lengthens into May, Merlin stays in his cave sanctuary and only hears news when Cadal brings it back or some messenger arrives there. He learns that Pascentius is indeed massing troops in Germany and war will surely come by the end of the summer.

One day as he is gathering herbs, he sees Keri coming up the path. She tells him she left her vocation, because..........


The irony presented in this chapter concerns the metaphor of chains that Keri mentions she wanted to escape. Merlin says his ..........

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