BOOK III - The Wolf



When Merlin arrives at Vortigern's side, the King looks him up and down, still reserving his judgment. He is waiting for proof of Merlin's prophecy. The older officer, who had originally convinced Vortigern to allow Merlin to outdo the magic of the priests, sees the dragon brooch on Merlin's shoulder, but says nothing to the King. They wait for two hours and when Vortigern's men exit the.........


It is ironic that one of the King's officers turns out to be Gorlois since it is his wife, Ygraine, who will become the mother of Arthur. The god speaks yet again through the..........

BOOK IV - The Red Dragon

(The title refers to Ambrosius and his army who will defeat Vortigern and claim Britain for himself as should have been his birthright from the beginning.)



It takes Ambrosius more than two years to become king and pacify Britain. The first part goes quickly, because Ambrosius has modeled his army after the Saxon forces who were marvelously mobile and which could strike quickly and live off the country. It was called Caesar-speed. He had barely landed when the whole of the West Country rose up to declare him King of..........


Ambrosius uses his marvelous unifying personality to bring all the Britons under his control. Militarily, he is just like Merlin - almost magical in his power to...........

New names in this chapter: Eldol, Duke of Gloucester and his brother Eldad, Christian Bishop, who promise to support Ambrosius

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