BOOK III - The Wolf



Merlin is taken to the top of the crag where he sees that the wall has cracked for the fifth time. The workmen there are afraid, not of the king, but of the force which they believe in, but don't understand. Maugan keeps arguing for the immediate sacrifice, but Merlin is freed to fulfill what he claims he can. He raises his arms to the sky in a kind of show for the crowd so that they will not be immediately inclined to listen to Maugan. At that exact moment, the sun goes in and stayed in and the dusk begins to thicken. Then, Merlin finds the rock behind which he had ...........


The strong sense of secrecy and magic permeate this chapter. First, the wall has fallen again and the workmen are more afraid of the unknown power that........



When Merlin awakes, he is in one of Vortigern's best bedchambers with Cadal beside him. Cadal had followed him all the way to Dinas Brenin and when he arrived, everyone was proclaiming Merlin's name, calling him the King's Prophet. Cadal learns from Berric, a soldier who first gave Merlin a torch, that Merlin had prophesied the battle between the red dragon of Ambrosius and.........


Once again, the power which has followed Merlin from the beginning is there to protect him when he most needs it. The prophecy is a true one, showing the victory of the Red Dragon, but it also proclaims the coming of King Arthur, whom the onlookers believe is artos, the bear, sweeping clean the battlefield. Yes, he will come out of ...........

New names in this chapter: Berric, a soldier who offered Merlin a torch into the cave, and then tells Cadal everything that happened in Merlin's vision

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