BOOK III - The Wolf



When Merlin arrives in Vortigern's court six days later, he realizes that Vortigern has changed, has diminished, because he clearly is a man on the run, a cornered wolf who, being cornered, is even more dangerous, nonetheless. If he ever gets his fortress built, even Ambrosius will be hard-pressed to dig him out. His mother has come along with him on.........


Once again the title of this section of the novel is reinforced with images of Vortigern as a cornered wolf. This chapter also finds Merlin between the.........



Niniane at first seems to have no care for revealing the name Vortigern seeks and, in fact, indicates Merlin, too, should have no care since he is a priest in Cornwall. Merlin knows from her smile that she will not betray him and that she believes what she says will avert danger from him. Niniane goes on to tell the king that she never saw Merlin's father and that he...........


Merlin says he sees death in the eyes of the priests and the magicians which is yet another bit of foreshadowing of the real reason why.........

New names in this chapter: Maugan, Vortigern's magician



Vortigern reveals to Merlin that he had him brought to him because of his birth and that is how he will serve him. He goes on to tell him that his priests and magicians have explained that the foundation walls must be built on blood - literally on the blood of a man who never had a father. So, since Merlin's father, according to Niniane, was a.........


It is ironic that Niniane's attempt to protect Merlin by lying about who his father really is, because they don't want Merlin to have a father as fulfillment of...........

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