1. Neely Crenshaw lost his chance to play pro ball when

a. he hurt himself in a car accident.
b. he received a cheap shot in a game and blew out his knee.
c. he got into a bar fight and couldn't throw the ball ever again.

2. Neely is ambivalent about returning to Messina, because

a. he hasn't been back for twenty years.
b. he doesn't want to see Cameron Lane at the funeral.
c. Coach Rake had slapped him during halftime of a game...........


..............15. In the end, Coach Rake's death

a. heals the town and causes Neely to experience a catharsis.
b. brings the town together for a while, but eventually his memory drifts away.
c. reminds everyone in town what can happen when coaches and teachers allow emotions to get the best of them.

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