The following quotations are important at various points in the story (Dell, 2004):

1. No piece of ground in Messina was more revered than The Field. Not even the cemetery.

(pg. 3; This emphasizes the importance of football in Messina.)

2. Eddie Rake was a legend at the age of thirty-nine.

(pg. 9; This prepares the reader for the coming story of how Rake became the greatest of high school coaches.)

3. I wish I had never seen a football.

(pg. 14; These words from Neely reinforce his ambivalence about his football career.) ...........



............. 21. And when the name of Eddie Rake was mentioned, he would smile and maybe laugh and tell a story of his own. One with a happy ending.

(pg. 229; This is the final line in the book and really shows that Neely has lost all his bitterness.)

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