1. Where did Frank grow up?

a.) San Francisco and Oakland
b.) Minneapolis and St. Paul
c.) San Diego and Encinitas
d.) Fort Lauderdale and Miami
e.) Boston and Concord

2. How old is Morris Bober?

a.) 67
b.) 72
c.) 57
d.) 60
e.) 77

3. Where is Morris Bober's grocery store located?

a.) Philadelphia, PA
b.) Baltimore, MD
c.) Albany, NY
d.) Brooklyn, NY
e.) Trenton, NJ

4. How many college credits does Helen have?

a.) equal to one year
b.) equal to two years
c.) equal to three years
d.) six credits
e.) nine credits

5. Who was a big influence on Frank as a child?

a.) St. Augustine
b.) St. Francis
c.) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d.) Harry S. Truman
e.) Dwight D. Eisenhower

6. What did Frank want to do when he first traveled east?

a.) Learn to drive a truck
b.) Learn to be a mechanic
c.) open a restaurant
d.) become a barber
e.) become a gangster

7. In what country was Morris born?

a.) Poland
b.) Slovenia
c.) Russia
d.) Lithuania
e.) Siberia

8. How much did the Polish woman pay Morris each morning for a roll?

a.) 30 cents
b.) 10 cents
c.) 3 cents
d.) 15 cents
e.) 35 cents

9. Which of these books did Helen recommend to Frank?

a.) The Bible
b.) The Natural
c.) The Assistant
d.) Madame Bovary
e.) Hamlet

10. What time did Morris open the grocery each morning?

a.) 5:00 am
b.) 6:00 am
c.) 7:00 am
d.) 8:00 am
e.) 9:00 am

11. What did Helen do with Frank's gifts?

a.) She gave them to Nat's sister.
b.) She gave them to Louis's sister.
c.) She gave them to a woman at work
d.) She threw them away.
e.) She kept one and returned one to Frank.

12. Who owned the liquor store?

a.) Al Marcus
b.) Julius Karp
c.) Sam Pearl
d.) Taast Pedersen
e.) Frank Alpine

13. What did Ida sew on uniforms?

a.) Epaulettes
b.) Emblems
c.) Bars
d.) Stars
e.) Name tags

14. What was Nick Fuso's wife's name?

a.) Lizzie
b.) Maria
c.) Francesca
d.) Tessie
e.) Ida

15. What was the name of the man who sublet a room from Nick Fuso?

a.) Ward Minogue
b.) Frank Alpine
c.) Al Marcus
d.) Nat Pearl
e.) Louis Karp

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