The Midday


Adam recalls that while the Reverend often told his congregation to fear God, his father believed that his religious community were afraid of women rather than God. In Ashley's Pasture, the men were truly relaxed, as there were no women present. Adam overheard details of the various assembly points set up by the Committeemen, and how those chosen points gave the men freedom to move as they needed. Committeemen were to converge on the North Bridge to hold the western bank of the Concord River, and would face the British in Concord. Adam is amazed at the organization of the Committee, even though he saw no real sense of order among the men at the pasture.

Adam observes various militia officers speak to Solomon Chandler. He watches Cousin Dover make a tally in a small notebook; he also sees the news carrier from Medford, Israel Thatcher, trying to sell papers and gather information on the massacre. When Thatcher asks Dover for his pen and ink, Dover tells him to wait until the end of the day to write his history, and rebukes him for not being prepared with his own writing tools. Cousin Simmons shares a meat pie with Adam as they discuss Moses' death as well as what they face themselves later in the day. The people........


Adam is finally initiated on the realities of war, of two sides battling each other instead of one side unfairly attacking another. Again, the images are strikingly vivid and even grotesque, as exemplified by the British rider whose brains are dashed against the wall. This event is sudden, unexpected, and absurd. It is a.........

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