Minor Characters (Continued)

Caleb Harrington
Tells the story about the Redcoat soldier at the Rumpot tavern.

Redcoat soldier at Rumpot tavern
Person in Caleb Harrington's tale, who is fed rancid food.

Rumpot tavernkeeper
Feeds the redcoat soldier rancid food as a practical joke.

Simon Casper
An experienced soldier from Concord who volunteered to train the Lexington militia.

John Hancock
Visits the Reverend with Sam Adams on the eve of the British march to Concord.

Jonathan Harrington
The seventeen-year-old son of Caleb Harrington, who plays the fife.

Nathan Hamble
Plays the fife but doesn't join the militia because of a sore throat.

Henry Ainsworth
An English Nonconformist clergyman and scholar from the early 1600s, said to have hand-lettered the parchment the Reverend owns for the hymn "Old Hundred".

Bessie Suderland
Has been talking with Jonathan Harrington about marriage.

Ephraim Drake
A Lexington militiaman who wields a blunderbuss.

Unnamed British officers
Accompany Major Pitcairn on their march to Concord.

Major Pitcairn
Confronts and insults the Lexington militia when the British army encounters them on their march to Concord.

Halfwit Jephthah
Lives in Concord, is sixty years old but said to have the brains of a five-year-old.

Isaac Muzzy
One of the militiamen killed on the Common, his body was seen by Levi.

British soldier inspecting the Harrington smokehouse while Adam is hiding there.

British soldier inspecting the Harrington smokehouse while Adam is hiding there.

Unnamed British soldier
Tells Sergeant and Blythe that the Captain gave orders for marching.

Joshua Dover
A cousin of Adam Cooper who lives in Lincoln, the finest Hebrew scholar in Middlesex County, he is keeping a history of the day's events.

Mattathias Dover
Son of Joshua Dover.

Simon Hatch
The brother of Sarah Cooper, his family often had Thanksgiving with the Coopers and Dovers.

Levi Atkins
One of the militiamen waiting at the Atkins farm.

Seth Atkins
Brother of Levi Atkins, who is also part of the militia.

Moses Atkins
The father of Levi and Seth Atkins, also part of the militia.

Four Atkins boys
The sons of Levi and Seth, presumably, also part of the militia.

Tom Dover
Accompanies Cousin Simmons and The Reverend on their way to the Atkins farm.

Israel Thatcher
The news carrier from Medford who forgot to bring his own writing materials.

British officer on horseback
Dragged to death by his horse after being attacked by the colonials.

Deacon Gordon
His pasture is used as a stopping point by the colonials.

Isaac Pit
A man from Lincoln who is shot in the belly with a musket ball and dies.

Mrs. Atkins
Draws water from the militiamen as they recover from battle.

Esther Atkins
Daughter of Mrs. Atkins, she is about seventeen and helps draw water for the militiamen.

Ishmael Atkins
Twelve-year-old son of Mrs. Atkins who helps draw water for the militiamen.

Alan Becket
Leader of the Sudbury militia.

Unnamed wounded British soldier
Expects to be killed by the barbaric colonials.

Dr. Cody
A quack from Watertown who tends to the British soldier's wound.

Jonathan Crisp
One of the young militiamen who were at the Lexington Common massacre.

Salem Crisp
The cousin of Jonathan Crisp, who was also present at the massacre.

Colonel Pickering
Leading a group of colonial militia from Essex.

Abraham Clyde
A man from Concord who shot a British soldier waving a white flag.

Mrs. Cartwright
A midwife in Lexington.

Albright boys
Friends of Levi Cooper.

Jonah Parker
A friend of Levi Cooper, presumably related to Jonas Parker.

Saul Parker
A Lexington boy who witnesses a wounded British soldier screaming in pain.

Joshua Bond
Owns a shop in Lexington that is pillaged by the retreating British army.

The Loring family
Their house is burned down by the British army and their freight wagon taken.

Goody Mullikan
Has her house set on fire by the retreating British army.

Mr. Bedford
He has his team of horses stolen by the retreating British army.

Hancock family
They have their carriage stolen by the retreating British army.

Johnny Carver
A nine-year-old boy whom a British soldier threatens to bayonet.

Ephraim Colin
Claims to have seen Adam laying dead.

Makes the casket for Moses Cooper and the others killed in the Lexington Common, apologizes to Adam for the shoddy craftsmanship.

Fairview brothers
Carried the coffin of Moses Cooper.

Reporter from the Boston Advertiser
A newspaperman who asks Adam for a reaction about the battles.

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