As Landon drives Jamie home from the orphanage on Christmas Eve, he has many thoughts about his and her feelings. He's sure of his own, but he has no idea whether she feels the same. He knows that her gift of her mother's Bible is like giving him a piece of herself, but he also knows that she would give a kidney to a stranger. Therefore, the gift is no assurance that she loves him, too. He's aware as well that she knows that the extra money for the orphans came from him and that the miracle she had been talking about was him, not the money. So, maybe that's all he means to her - a miracle in the form of change. Landon is just not sure where he really stands as far as love is concerned.

Landon is also aware that Hegbert hasn't had much to say lately about how much he and Jamie have been together. In fact, Hegbert seems to be very much unlike himself. Even during his sermons, Landon has noticed that he'll sometimes pause in the middle and just have this strange look come over him, almost like he's thinking of something sad.

In the car, Jamie suddenly turns to Landon and asks him if he ever thinks about God. He says sometimes he does, which prompts Jamie to then ask if he ever wonders why things have to turn out the way they do. She says she's been thinking about that a lot lately and even though she knows that the Lord has a plan, she just doesn't always..........


This chapter follows Landon and his confusion about his love for Jamie and how she feels about him. He needs to know, if only with a kiss, if she loves him, so he spends Christmas Day and the day after Christmas looking for an opportunity to confess and hopefully, be told the same thing from her. The kiss, when it finally happens on...........

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