1) Why does Vivian tell Grant she is disgusted by his behavior?

A) He speaks disrespectfully to his aunt.
B) He does think about anyone except himself.
C) He refuses to go visit Jefferson when initially asked.
D) He refuses to go to church.

2) Who keeps saying “Someone goin’ do something for me before I die”?

A) Miss Emma
B) Jefferson
C) Aunt Tante Lou
D) Farrel Jarreau

3) Where does Grant first meet with Sheriff Guidry to discuss visitation rights?

A) Sheriff’s office.
B) The county courthouse
C) The schoolhouse
D) Henri’s Pichot’s kitchen.

4) What does Grant give Jefferson to help take his mind off the execution?

A) A radio.
B) Ice Cream
C) A Bible
D) An ivory-handled penknife.

5) Which of the following characters is a type of savior?

A) Grant
B) Reverend Ambrose
C) Jefferson
D) Deputy Paul

6) Who drives into the quarter to bring Jefferson news of the execution?

A) Reverend Ambrose
B) Henri Pichot
C) Deputy Paul
D) Vivian

7) Who tells Grant “Just stay here long enough...He’ll make you the nigger you were born to be”?

A) Sheriff Guidry
B) Mathew Antoine
C) Farrel Jarreau
D) Dr. Joseph

8) Why does Reverend Ambrose say that he is the educated one and Grant is the ‘gump’?

A) The Reverend has a doctorate in Theology.
B) Grant doesn’t understand himself or his people.
C) Jefferson fools Grant into thinking he’s innocent.
D) Grant gets tricked into a bar fight at the Rainbow Room.

9) Which is the following best describes Grant’s tragedy?

A) He is unable to accept his life, unable to leave it.
B) His efforts to help the schoolchildren will make not difference.
C) He has to watch Jefferson die.
D) He and Vivian can never marry.

10) Why is Grant unhappy with the Christmas program?

A) The children forget their lines.
B) Only a few parents attend.
C) Everything is the same every year.
D) Reverend Ambrose directed the program.

11) During their visits, Jefferson feels aggravated by Grant. Why doesn’t he yell for Sheriff Guidry?

A) He wants the radio.
B) He’s hungry and Grant brings food from Miss Emma.
C) Grant can teach him to read.
D) He needs Grant there, if only to insult him.

12) Why did Vivian’s parents not approve of her first husband?

A) He didn’t have a job.
B) His skin was too dark.
C) Her family is Catholic and he was Baptist.
D) He beat Vivian.

13) What does Miss Emma want Jefferson to do before he dies?

A) To fight the system by filing an appeal.
B) To prove he isn’t a hog by dying with dignity.
C) To accept Jesus and be saved before his execution.
D) To tell her that he loves her.

14) What has happened to many of the students Grant went to school with?

A) Many are dead or in jail.
B) They still live in the quarter.
C) They are teachers like Grant.
D) Most ran away to the North and became successful businessmen.

15) What image does Grant associate with Dr. Joseph’s visit to the school?

A) A military officer drilling the troops
B) An attorney questioning a witness
C) A policeman interviewing a suspect
D) A plantation owner visiting a slave market

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