1. In the beginning of the story, the public on both sides of the Atlantic is concerned about:

A. The Industrial Revolution
B. An unidentified sea creature
C. A world war

2. What government commissions a ship to solve the problem?

A. The United States
B. England
C. France

3. What is the name of the ship?

A. The Ulysses S. Grant
B. The Queen Mary
C. The Abraham Lincoln

4. Who is the commander of the ship?

A. Captain Farragut
B. Captain Lee
C. Captain Sherman

5. Who jumps to Aronnax's aid when he is thrown from the ship?

A. Conseil
B. Farragut
C. Ned Land

6. What is Ned Land's nationality?

A. French
B. Irish
C. Canadian

7. What is Captain Nemo's real name

A. Nemosis
B. He does not say
C. Neil

8. Nemo offers Aronnax a cigar made from

A. tobacco
B. seaweed
C. caviar

9. Nemo's underground cemetery is a

A. Coal mine
B. coral reef
C. volcano

10. Nemo rescues a man who was

A. taking a bath in a lake
B. throwing rocks at the Nautilus
C. diving for pearls

11.Which character longs to eat meat?

A. Land
B. Conseil
C. Aronnax

12. Which character was an engineer?

A. Land
B. Nemo
C. Aronnax

13.Which character bought his fiancée fake pearls?

A. Land
B. Conseil
C. Aronnax

14. Which character is afraid of encountering sharks on the pearl hunt?

A. Land
B. Conseil
C. Aronnax

15. Which character always agrees with Aronnax?

A. Land
B. Conseil
C. Aronnax

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