With Every Drop of Blood Study Guide

Chapter 13 Summary

Johnny knew there was a pretty good chance that Cush would get shot if they took him to the camp, so he set out to save Cush. Before he got too far down the road, he saw that there had been a battle, and quite a few troops were dead. Johnny took the clothes off one of them and then talked to a dying soldier for a bit.

When Johnny got to town, he started asking around about anyone who had seen a black boy, but very few of the soldiers had. Johnny finally got word of one locked up in a barn outside of town. Johnny goes to the barn and Cush is the person locked up in there. Johnny is told by the guard to go see the Colonel if he wants to take Cush home.

When Johnny gets back to town, he finds out that the Colonel has gone to sleep and that he will not be up until morning. Because of this, Johnny decides he should get some sleep as well.

Chapter 14 Summary

Johnny woke up the next morning to the sound of more fighting. He went by the courthouse, but was informed that the Colonel had already left. He goes to a house, to see if anyone has any word of the Colonel.

He finds out that the Colonel has left, but the master of the house, Mr. McLean gives Johnny breakfast. Johnny finds out then that Generals Lee and Grant are coming to that house to sign a peace treaty. He rushes out to the barn with this news, in hopes of freeing Cush. He leaves his mules near the house, since he figures there will not be much fighting there.

The soldiers are about to kill Cush when Johnny arrives, but he tells them that the war is over. They initially do not believe Johnny, but he is eventually able to convince them and they free Cush. Cush and Johnny then sit and talk about the end of the war and how all men really are created equal.

Multiple Choice Quiz

1. Johnny’s family had what kind of animals?:
A. Pigs
B. Horses
C. Mules

2. Johnny was offered how much money to take his wagon to Richmond?
A. $400
C. $1000

4. How old is Johnny?
A. 12
B. 16
C. 14

5. Johnny’s great-grandfather fought in which war?
A. Revolutionary War
B. War of 1812
C. Civil War

6. Who were the Mosbys
A. Johnny’s neighbors
B. A Union family
C. A group of soldiers

7. What is Johnny transporting to Richmond?
A. Gunpowder
B. Beef
C. Apples

8. Cush wants to read which speech?
A. Lincoln’s inauguration speech
B. The Gettysburg Address
C. The Address In Independence Hall

9. Who asks Johnny to put rocks on his grave?
A. Pa
B. Jeb
C. Cush

10. Pa believes the war is about what?
A. Slavery
B. The economy
C. States’ rights

11. Where is Cush injured?
A. Petersberg
B. Richmond
C. Charlestown

12. What uniform does Johnny wear?
A. Confederate
B. Union
C. Mosbys

13. Where was Cush locked up
A. A barn
B. The guardhouse
C. The stockade

14. Who did Johnny want to see more than anyone else?
A. Ulysses Grant
B. President Lincoln
C. Robert E. Lee

15. What job did Cush want to be?
A. A doctor
B. A teacher
C. A lawyer

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