No Promises in the Wind Study Guide
Chapter 9 Summary

Every night, when Lonnie came home, Josh would be eager to find out if Joey had been found yet. Lonnie suggested that Joey must have hitchhiked back to Chicago. However, Josh was convinced that Joey might also be looking for him. Janey helped Josh with his dark moods and was always around to talk to him. She asked him about a lot of things, from his music to his love for Emily. It was obvious that Janey liked Josh. That night, after dinner, Josh and Lonnie talked about plans regarding Joey. Lonnie then talked to him about Janey. Lonnie knew that Janey was trying her best to impress Josh. Over the next few days, Janey started acting like a lady.

One stormy afternoon, a letter from home arrived. Josh eagerly waited for Lonnie so he can read what his mom had written. Once Lonnie had arrived, they read the letter. She had a separate one for Josh enclosed in the envelope. She wanted her boys back. He reread the letter three times before Lonnie and Janey joined him the room. Janey turned the radio on. While they were listening to the news on the radio, the announcer described what seemed to be Joey. Lonnie immediately put on his coat and said that he’ll go to the radio station to get more information. She made Josh and Janey stay at home. After hours of waiting, Lonnie returned with Joey in his arms.

Notes: Joey gets returned with his brother after days of searching.

Chapter 10 Summary

Josh watched Joey fall asleep. Josh asked Lonnie how he found Joey. Apparently, a couple took him in and didn’t want to let him go. However, Joey was persistent enough to join Lonnie so he could see his brother. Lonnie told Josh that he and Janey needs to look after Joey as per a doctor’s orders. Lonnie wired their parents and Pete Harris that he had already found Joey. When Joey woke up, he told Josh about how he returned to the shed and didn’t find his older brother. He decided to get back home inside. He kept thinking about how Josh needed him and made his way to Omaha, not knowing Lonnie’s last name. After Joey went back to sleep, Joey suddenly felt the sudden urge to go home. He thought about his dad and how they’re very similar with their ways. He kept thinking up of ways to repay his debt to Lonnie. On the third day, Mrs. Arthur, the woman who took Joey in, paid them a visit. Josh expressed his gratitude to the lady. Mrs. Arthur asked them to drop by their house once they’re well enough so she could hear Josh play the piano. She also brought over the rest of Joey’s stuff with her.

During the next days, Josh summoned up enough courage to write back home. He also wrote letters to Edward and Emily. During the last weeks of March, they spent time together as if they were a really happy family. Josh and Joey forgot all of their loneliness because of Lonnie. One evening, Mrs. Arthur returned and asked if she could take the three kids to her house for lunch the next day. At eleven in the morning, she picked the three up and drove them to her house. She left Josh with the piano so that he could get accustomed to it. They had a pleasant time at Mrs. Arthur’s house. She promised that she’d find a job for Josh. Within a week, she came back and told him that they got him a job at a restaurant. She had Josh fitted for a nice suit and a pair of shoes. His job at the restaurant was very fulfilling for him. The only thing that bothered him about his job was how the owner was using their story as brothers to lure customers in. Eventually, Joey joined Josh at the restaurant for work. They sent money to Chicago from time to time and gave the rest to Lonnie. Emily also wrote back to Josh and she begged him to go home.

Josh had been so busy with work that he only had one day to spend with Janey. One spring night, he confessed about his feelings for Janey. He promised Janey that he’d come back for her once he settled things with his parents. The next few days were confusing for Josh. He talked to Lonnie about his feelings for Janey. Eventually, Josh decided to finally go home with Joey.

Notes: Another blessing to the boys arrived because of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur. They were able to save up some money to return back home.

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