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About the Author

Irene Hunt was an American author known for her historical novels. She was born on May 18, 1907 in Pontiac, Illinois. When she was seven, her father, Frank, died, their family moved to be close to her grandparents. She shared a special bond with her grandfather who often told her stories when he was a child during the Civil War. She eventually became an English and French teacher and earned her MA. After a while, she taught Psychology at University of South Dakota, Vermillion. She returned to working for public schools in Illinois to become a director of language arts. After her retirement in 1969, her time became solely devoted to writing.

Hunt died on her birthday on May 18, 2001—her 94th birthday.

About The Book

No Promises in the Wind is a novel written by Irene Hunt and published in 1970. The book is set in 1932, during the Great Depression. The story tells about Josh Grondowski and his younger brother, Joey. They overcame all odds to run away from home and return safe and sound

Main Characters

Josh Grondowski - He is a 15-year old boy who is constantly bickering with his father. He runs away from home after asking his mother if it was better if he just left their home.

Joey Grondowski – Josh’s 10-year old brother. He is a kind and compassionate child, a direct contrast against his brother’s personality.

Howie – Josh’s only friend at school. He dies after failing to jump on a freight train with Josh and Joey.

Lonnie Bromer – A truck driver that Josh and Joey meet while on the road. He becomes a father figure to the two runaways and took them in before the boys went back to Chicago.

Pete Harris – A kind carnival owner that gave the boys jobs and a place to stay.

Emily – A clown at the carnival where the boys worked for a while. Josh fell in love with her beauty before finding out that she was about to marry Pete Harris.

Edward C. Kensington – A dwarf man that befriends Josh in the carnival. He is a kind person and always looked out for the boys and Emily.

Janey – Lonnie’s niece. She helped take care of Josh when he got sick. She also became Josh’s love interest by the end of the book.

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