Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. These are genetic creatures that have the voice of a human being, but the appearance of a terrifying animal.
A. Motes
B. Mutes
C. Mutts
D. Mattes

2. What is the name of the song that Katniss’ father taught her how to sing?
A. The Hanging Tree
B. The Hanging Man
C. The Hummingbird
D. The Dying Tree

3. What is written on the temporary tattoos issued to the people living in District 13?
A. Their Social Security Numbers
B. Their Schedule for the Day
C. Coordinates to their Quarters
D. Their Commander for the Day

4. What is the main industry of District 13 prior to the first war?
A. Precious Stone and Metals
B. Noble Gases
C. Aqua-based Plants and Animals
D. Graphite Mining and Nuclear Technology

5. What is the REAL reason why President Snow keeps roses around his presence?
A. They Remind him of his Dead Parents
B. He Sells them for Profit
C. To Mask the Foul Smell Emitting from his Body
D. To use it as a Fashion Statement

6. What is the bird that Beetee was observing when Katniss and Gale visited him at the Special Defense area?
A. Mockingjay
B. Tracker Jackers
C. Jabberjays
D. Hummingbirds

7. What did Peeta create for the wedding of Finnick and Annie?
A. A Loaf of Bread
B. A Special Wedding Cake
C. Assorted Pastries
D. Special Petit Fours and Macaroons

8. The commercials filmed to promote the revolution are called?
A. Propos
B. Promos
C. Prepos
D. Provos

9. What kind of shop does Tigris run?
A. Thrift Shop
B. Couture Shop
D. Fur Shop

10. What do they call the maps that are only given to commanders of the squad?
A. Halo
B. Hulu
C. Holo
D. Logo

11. Johanna uses _____________________ to cope with the trauma that she experienced from emerging as a victor.
A. Alcohol
B. Morphling
C. Gambling
D. Fighting

12. What did the Capitol do to Peeta that made him forget about his feelings for Katniss?
A. Hijacked his Memories
B. Made him Water Footage of Katniss Killing Tributes During the Games
C. Hypnotized by a Specialist
D. Being Forced to Solitary Confinement

13. What is the purpose of the caged children surrounding President Snow’s palace?
A. A Party is About to Commence
B. To Protect him from Oncoming Attackers
C. To Torture Them in front of Their Parents
D. To Keep Them Safe From Harm

14. Who took care of Katniss when she returned to District 12 after the war?
A. Gale
B. Haymitch
C. Greasy Sae
D. Effie

15. How many years did it take for Peeta to persuade Katniss into having children?
A. 13
B. 7
C. 20
D. 15

Essay Prompts

1) Which side was more manipulative? District 13 or the Capitol? Explain.

2) Do you think it was wise for Katniss to accept the role as Mockingjay? Why or why not?

3) Do you think it was justifiable for some of their team members to sacrifice themselves in order to let Katniss go on to the Capitol? Give an explanation.

4) How do you think will Panem rebuild itself now that the war is over?

5) Do you think that there is a chance that another war might start in Panem in the future? Give points as to how this is possible/impossible

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