Chapter 16

Katniss wakes up in a haze, as she’s been drugged up to deal with the pain. She had no idea who shot her, but it wasn’t the rebel that she challenged. Johanna comes in and explains that the bullet only got into contact with her armor, it was the impact and the shock that got through to Katniss that’s why she’s in a lot of pain. They also talk about who’s fit to lead the rebels. Johanna leaves when Gale enters the room. He discusses with Katniss about what happened in District 2 and thinks that they emerged victorious.

Plutarch updates Katniss that they’re able to isolate the Capitol and it will only be a short time before they start attacking. Plutarch also reveals a new plan for the propos: a marriage for Annie and Finnick. Everyone in District 13 gets excited for the upcoming nuptials. Katniss suggests that Annie wears one of her outfits from the games. They were both taken back to District 12 to get the clothes, taking the prep team along with them—making them realize how badly they miss Cinna.

The wedding goes on beautifully. Johanna tells Katniss that she should dance. She gives in and dances with Prim. The celebrations end with the presentation of a special wedding cake. Katniss realizes that this was done with Peeta, signaling that he must be doing better than when she last saw him. Haymitch pulls her aside and tells her that Peeta wants to speak to her. She’s surprised but agrees to do it. During their conversation, they are watched by a lot of people. Peeta knows about her, but doesn’t remember any of the other memories they’ve shared. He realizes that he did have feelings for Katniss and asks her if she ever felt the same way—something that she avoided to answer because of the people watching them. They fight about Gale and Katniss leaves Peeta on bad terms. As she’s leaving, she starts feeling about what she did.

The union of Finnick and Annie serves as an inspiration for the people of District 13 who rarely witnesses an act of happiness and joy in their area.

Chapter 17

Katniss becomes furious when she finds out that she’s not part of the team that’s being sent to the Capitol for an attack. Coin tells her that it’s because she hasn’t been in training long enough, compared to Gale. Katniss persuades Coin to let her join. She is given three weeks to bulk up and train before she is reconsidered. She returns to the hospital and finds Johanna waiting for her. They talk about how they both want to take part and agree to go into training together. The next day, they felt humiliated during training, as they are both out of shape. Soldier York, the woman in charge of training them, suggested that Katniss sign up for an extremely painful treatment that can make her ribs heal faster. Katniss does it and finds herself feeling agony, as she is not allowed to take any of the painkillers that she took before. She and Johanna are trying to keep it together, with Johanna being worst of than Katniss. Johanna decides that she and Katniss should be given their own zone instead of being in the hospital. After some convincing, they were assigned their own room.

After a week, both of the girls find themselves getting stronger compared to before. During their evening meal, they sit together with Gale, Delly, Annie, and Finnick and enjoy a good conversation. Things suddenly became awkward when Peeta arrived and asked if he could sit with them. Johanna welcomes him. Finnick and Annie leave the table to avoid the awkwardness. All of them at the table started arguing, with Katniss and Gale leaving together. That night, Katniss thinks about how Peeta and Johanna must have heard each other screaming when Snow was torturing them.

Katniss and Johanna both showcase the perseverance of true victors. They find solace and comfort with each other, as people have been trying to discourage them from doing anything.

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