Chapter 5

While taking a bath, Katniss thinks about how everybody’s been using her as an object to showcase power: the Gamemakers, President Snow, and now, President Coin. The revolutionaries then inform Katniss that they need to start preparing for her first propos. They want her to look natural again and make it seem as if she has a lot of battle scars. The prep team is employed to help out with the alteration of her appearance. They were able to take care of everything save for the scar on Katniss’ arm where she used to have a tracker. Plutarch and Fulvia came to the prep to be consulted about the scar but decided to postpone it until after they’re done with their midday meal.

After the meal, Gale and Katniss visit Beetee at the Special Defense area where he’s been doing experiments. They find him inside a man-made version of a natural field, in which Beetee has been observing hummingbirds populating it. Beetee asks Katniss about Finnick and tells her that he’s been working on specialized weapons for the two of them. He brings Katniss and Gale to the Weaponry section to show them the things that he’s been working on. Beetee gives Katniss a bow that’s specially made just for her: a bow that reacts when she speaks.

After their conversation with Beetee, Katniss joins Plutarch and the rest of the prep team to prepare for the shooting of her first propos. She was asked to say, "People of Panem, we fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice!" in front of the camera. None of them say anything-- until, from the other room, Haymitch speaks up and says that it was absolutely terrible.

Katniss gets upset about some of the weapons that Beetee and Gale collaborated on. However, she regains excitement once she sees the special bow and arrow created just for her.

Chapter 6

The next day, Haymitch is trying to convince everyone that what they’re doing isn’t the correct way of starting a revolution: that Katniss doesn’t look believable with these commercials that they’re doing. All of the people in charge of doing the propos gathered to strategize a new plan. Haymitch makes everyone share the moments when they think Katniss looked very powerful and effective in the past. Haymitch thinks that they should send Katniss out into the open to fight and to film her while doing it—sending her into a real situation would make things more authentic. He also mentions that they should also say that Katniss had a miscarriage, a lie that they told everybody during the Quarter Quell to gather sympathy and sponsors. President Coin decides to send Katniss to District 8, where there’s fighting, but not dangerous enough for a team to follow her around. After the meeting, Katniss and Haymitch talked about how they both wanted to save Peeta, too.

Beetee gives Katniss a specialized armor to wear during the battle. As she’s leaving, she finds out that she’s going to be accompanied by a man named Boggs who was assigned by President Coin. She runs into Finnick who wants to come with her, however, he still isn’t well enough to leave District 13. She tells him about the special trident that Beetee created just for him, calming him down. During their travel, Plutarch gives Katniss more information about what’s at stake. All the other districts are against the Capitol, save for District 2. The plan is to take over the other districts, with 2 being taken over last before the revolutionaries take over the Capitol. Finally, Plutarch gives a small pill to Katniss to keep within her armor. It’s nightlock, similar to the poison that she had in the arena. All of the revolutionaries have it in their armor so they can commit suicide if in case they get captured.

Haymitch does an effective job of reminding people about how powerful Katniss really is.

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