Multiple Choice Study Questions

1.) Roy is intrigued by the running boy, because
a) he runs faster than anyone Roy has ever seen before.
b)he is running barefoot.
c)he is nearly naked.

2.) Roy’s reaction at first to Dana’s bullying is
a) to sit somewhere else on the bus.
b) to scream at the bus driver to help him.
c) to take what Dana hands out.

3.) When Dana is choking Roy, he retaliates by
a) punching him in the nose.
b) kicking him between the legs.
c) spitting on him.

4.) Roy’s curiosity about the running boy leads him to
a) Lonna Leep, his mother.
b) Leon Leep, his step-father.
c) Beatrice Leep, his step-sister.

5.) Roy finally goes after the running boy by following him back to his lair in the woods. In the process, he receives a concussion, because
a) he is hit in the head by a golf ball.
b) he trips and hits his head on a log.
c) he is hit by the running boy.

6.) Roy doesn’t give up on the running boy and goes back to his lair. There the boy
a) sits down and finally talks to him.
b) knocks him out again.
c) ties him up and covers his face so he can’t see the boy.

7.) Roy shows that the boy can trust him by giving him
a) a new pair of shoes.
b) money to buy shoes.
c) a new bike.

8.) Roy learns from Beatrice that she nicknamed her brother Mullet Fingers, because
a) he wore his hair long in the back and short on the top.
b) he was a quick runner.
c) he could catch small fish with his bare hands.

9.) Roy discovers that Mullet Fingers left the snakes in the construction lot. But he made sure they couldn’t hurt the dogs by
a) taping their mouths shut.
b) painting their tails sparkly colors.
c) using non-poisonous snakes.

10.) Roy’s parents take him for the day of his life by
a) going to Disney World.
b) walking to the lair and meeting Mullet Fingers.
c) taking an airboat ride through the Everglades.

11.) Roy comes up with the plan to protect the owls by
a) taking their pictures to show at the groundbreaking.
b) hiding in one of the burrows of the owls.
c) stealing the seats from the bulldozers.

12.) The first one to interrupt the groundbreaking ceremony is
a) Beatrice.
b) Mullet Fingers.
c) Roy.

13.) Chuck Muckle’s reaction to the revelation that the owls are a protected species is to
a) declare that he didn’t know.
b) go crazy and chop up the fake snakes.
c) attack Roy.

14.) One of the biggest surprises of the protest is
a) the discovery that Chuck Muckle took a bribe.
b) an eagle landing on Mullet Fingers’ head.
c) Kimberly Lous Dixon being a life member of the Audubon society.

15.) In the end, Roy learns
a) how to be a Montana boy.
b) how to be a Florida boy.
c) how to set up a protest.

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