Fifth Business Study Guide

Multiple Choice Study Questions

5.) Who was the one that threw the snowball that hit Mrs. Dempster by accident?
a. David
b. Dunstan
c. Paul
d. Percy

6.) To whom is Dunstan’s letter addressed to?
a. David Staunton
b. Headmaster of Colborne
c. Denyse Staunton
d. Mr. Dempster

7.) What was the most offensive thing in the article for Dunstan?
a. That he was gay
b. That he was mean
c. His life was uninteresting
d. He was guilty

8.) How many is the official Deptford population?
a. 5000
b. 500
c. 1500
d. 800

9.) What was the effect of the snowball on Mrs. Dempster?
a. It paralyzed her
b. It broke her nose
c. It caused premature labor
d. It cracked her skull

10.) What was Dunstan’s nickname at the school?
a. The Saint
b. Old Geezer
c. Old Cork
d. Corky

11.) What was Dunstan’t recognizable trait while he was in battle?
a. Cool-headedness
b. Aggression
c. Fairness
d. Leadership

12.) What was the book that Dunstan carried around during war?
a. Origin of Species
b. Book of Saints
c. The Bible
d. Mein Kampf

13.) What was his nickname amongst his comrades during the war?
a. The Bull
b. The Deacon
c. The Priest
d. The Bishop

14.) Which actor did he impersonate to get rid of the nickname?
a. Charlie Chaplin
b. Humphrey Bogart
c. Clark Gable
d. Basil Rathbone

15.) Which shrine did Dunstan visit in Central America?
a. Santa Muerte
b. Guadalupe
c. Immaculada Concepcion
d. Blessed Mary

Answer Key

1. B / 2. C / 3. A / 4. D / 5. D / 6. B / 7. C / 8. B/ 9. C / 10. D / 11. A/ 12. C / 13. C/ 14. A / 15. B

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