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Free Study Guide for White Fang by Jack London - Free Book Notes

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White Fang’s experiences at Sierra Vista, Scott’s residence, are described in this chapter. Scott’s family is also introduced. Dick, the deeerhound, has accepted White Fang, and they do fine together; but White Fang tries to avoid Collie, who still tries to stand in his way. White Fang also learns to like Weedon and Maud, Scott’s children, and to accept the servants.

It is difficult for White Fang to adjust to Sierra Vista and learn the rules he must follow. Once, he kills fifty chickens before he learns that their coop is off-limits. Scott works with White Fang, trying to train him for life in the California countryside. He uses his voice, not violence, to control White Fang, who responds positively and learns quickly. Even Judge Scott is forced to admit that White Fang is smart. Before long, White Fang has learned to spare domesticated animals, such as the chickens, and to pursue only wild animals, like jack rabbits.

There are three dogs in town who perpetually trouble White Fang. Since he is not allowed to fight them, he tries to stay away. One day he is permitted to pursue these dogs, and he kills them all. The reader is suddenly reminded of White Fang’s wild origins and recent history. It is miraculous that Scott has been able to bring this wolf under control.


White Fang settles into life at Sierra Vista, even making peace, in his own way, with Dick and Collie. He begins to assess the people he meets on the basis of the affection that Scott shows to them; what his master values, he also values. Since Scott openly loves his children, White Fang, who has never liked children, begins to enjoy Weedon and Maud, even though he is not demonstrative with them. He actually feels sad when the children leave him to go and play. White Fang also develops a relationship with Judge Scott, his master’s father; they often wait together for Scott to return home. Slowly, White Fang begins to let other members of the family than Scott to pet him.

It does not take long for White Fang to learn a new “law.” He does not need to be hit or shouted at to learn new things. While training White Fang, Scott merely modulates his voice in order to make the wolf-dog understand a command. As always, the wolf-dog is a quick learner.


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White Fang by Jack London - Free BookNotes Online Book Summary

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