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CHAPTER 14: Pairs Repaired


The snowplows and warmer weather free the tenants of Sunset Towers. Angela is the first one out, checking under the hoods of all the cars in the parking lot. Flora Baumbach and Turtle Wexler are next, going to their broker's office to watch their stocks and seeing a major loss on one of their picks, which went by the ticker code SEA.

Sandy tells Judge Ford that he wiped her Mercedes clean but refuses to accept a tip, since the judge gave him her share of the ten thousand dollar check. She asks Sandy about his family and he speaks of boxing after he got fired from the Westing plant, which is why his face still looks somewhat smashed. He shows what he's figured out with their clues: SKIES could refer to Dr. Sikes, AM BROTHER to Otis Amber; SHINING to James Shin Hoo or shins as in what Turtle kicks; and BROTHER referring to Theo or Chris Theodorakis. Judge Ford then reminds Sandy they are looking for one name not six. Judge Ford mentions Theo's proposal to pool clues together but Sandy refuses because it seems too easy. Sandy then expresses puzzlement at why he's one of the heirs, and Judge Ford suggests they find out more about all the other heirs.

Grace Wexler tries to talk Jimmy Hoo into an advertising campaign and a redecoration for the restaurant but he refuses. She considers if he's the murderer but he couldn't even kill a waterbug in the sink that morning. Returning to her apartment, she hears Otis Amber arguing with Crow about losing the notes. Though they both remember the clues, Otis doesn't want the clues to be found by someone else. Crow buttons up her coat and Otis closes the open window, remarking on how cold it is. Grace says she doesn't want a gas explosion. Otis suddenly yells "Boom!" which surprises both women; he continues to yell "Boom!" on unsuspecting people for the rest of the week as he delivers groceries for everyone.

Denton Deere says he cannot help Chris Theodorakis, as he's an intern specializing in plastic surgery. Chris doesn't care, he just wants to play the game with the intern. He knows Deere will keep returning as long as he doesn't sign the check, so he continues to refuse to do that. In the lobby, Angela continues embroidering her trousseau, waiting for Denton. Theo comes in with a stack of library books: he has traced the quote "May God thy gold refine" to the third stanza of "America, the Beautiful". He begins by reading the stanza but finds himself singing it. Angela thanks him when Doctor Deere comes to pick her up; Theo asks him for a game of chess but is ignored. Sandy opens the door for them, whistling "America, the Beautiful".

Denton and Angela argue about Sydelle Pulaski, who Denton thinks is crazy for claiming to have a wasting disease she doesn't truly have. Denton called a psychiatrist to check on Sydelle and is concerned about how troubled Angela has been recently. Angela knows she doesn't want to marry Denton but doesn't want to hurt his feelings or her mother's; she wonders how they'll react when everyone finds out she isn't perfect. Angela talks to the psychiatrist after he sees Sydelle: he says Ms. Pulaski is fine and that the crippling disease was just to get some attention, which he considers harmless. Angela talks to Sydelle: she tells her partner that it's a simple fracture and that her crippling disease is incurable but cold have a remission of five years or more. This leaves Sydelle reassured. Angela brought Sydelle's makeup and as she checks her bag for it she finds a letter asking for forgiveness with two clues taped at the bottom, THY BEAUTIFUL.


The heirs continue to search for answers, each using their own idiosyncratic interpretations of their clues. Sandy gives a convincing reason for his mildly disfigured face, which helps obscure that the disfigurement came from Sam Westing's accident. Because his self-image is tied so deeply into his job as a plastic surgeon intern, Denton misunderstands Chris' intentions in not signing the check; Chris doesn't seek a cure, but simply wants to continue playing the game. The possibility of a Theo-Angela romance continues to bloom, while the new-found depth of Angela's friendship with Sydelle is evident in her decision to accommodate her partner's strange behavior. The clues Angela finds in her bag are from Crow, who has taken a special interest in her.


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