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Free Study Guide for Watership Down by Richard Adams

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1. Speculate on what might have happened if Hazel had gone to Efrafa on the first trip there.

2. Which character undergoes the most change in the course of the journey?

3. Why do the rabbits in Cowslip’s warren resist the knowledge of what will happen to them? Why couldn’t they change if they faced up to it? Or could they?

4. How is Captain Holly different? How is he the same?

5. What human parallels do you see in the story?

6. Do you feel that this a story intended for children or for adults? Explain.

7. Analyze one of the stories of El-ahrairah to show how it fits into the adventures of Hazel and the other rabbits.


1.) Compare/contrast Hazel and Woundwort.

2.) Write an essay analyzing the leadership qualities of Bigwig.

3.) How might he have made a better leader than Hazel?

4.) Write a comparision between the poem by Silverweed of the tame warren and the one by the does in Efrafa.

5.) Write a character analysis of Fiver. Show how he changes as well as how other rabbits change in their attitudes toward him.

6.) Analyze the mistakes that Hazel makes. What might he have done differently?

7.) Write an essay classifying the mistakes of the rabbits. Who are really their worst enemies?

8.) Compare the four different warrens encountered in the novel.

9.) Discuss the lessons from the novel that would be useful for children. What insights might adults glean from the story?

10.) Write a character analysis of Hazel, describing his growth throughout the story.

11.) Write an analysis of El-ahrairah. What leadership characteristics do the chief rabbits in the story share with him?

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Watership Down by Richard Adams Free BookNotes Summary

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