Main Character

Patty Bergen
The 12 yr old Jewish girl around who the story is centered. Patty is an intelligent girl and mature for her age. She longs for love, parental support and for her dreams to come true. She illegally houses a POW in her hideout.

Minor Characters

The Bergen’s African American housekeeper. Ruth is a religious, caring individual who is one of the only people to see value in Patty. Ruth loves Patty and treats her as if she was her own daughter.

Sharon Bergen
Patty’s five-year-old sister. Sharon is very pretty, outgoing, charming, and clearly favored by her parents. Patty is jealous of all the attention and love that Sharon receives from her parents.

Harry Bergen
Patty’s belligerent father. He owns a department store, which seems to be his only priority. He beats Patty and often yells at her.

Pearl Bergen
Patty’s extremely superficial mother. Pearl works in the department store as a saleswoman. She always insults Patty about her looks and compares her to Sharon.

Grandpa Fried (Sam)
Patty’s grandfather who is the head of a real-estate business in Memphis. He is a gentle man; however, it is noted in the story that he does not like Harry Bergen.

Grandma Fried
Patty’s grandmother who tries to compensate for Pearls coldness and negligence toward Patty. She takes Patty out and gives her money to buy books.

Frederick Anton Reiker
Prisoner of War (POW) who Patty meets in the department store. Patty houses Anton in her hideout after he has escaped. Anton is very intelligent and is Patty’s true friend. He sees Patty as a very amazing and valuable person.

Charlene Madlee
A journalist for the Memphis Commercial Appeal who becomes Patty’s friend.

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