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Free Study Guide: Sula by Toni Morrison: Chapter Summary

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1. What is Shadrack’s justification for National Suicide Day?

2. Compare and contrast Shadrack and Plum as post-war American men?

3. Discuss Helene (Nel’s mother) and her motivations for moving to Medallion. What impact does the trip back to New Orleans have on her? On Nel?

4. Compare and contrast Sula and Nell and then fully describe the relationship between them.

5. List at least four places where grief is seen in the novel, explaining what has caused the grief. Compare and contrast the way that the grief is expressed by the different characters.

6. Morrison uses many repeated images and symbols in the novel. Explain at least five of them and their significance in terms of, character, plot, or theme.

7. How does Morrison bridge the gap and hold the novel together between Part One and Part Two, which are separated in time by ten years?

8. Discuss the significance of names in the novel. (Some examples: Nel Wright, Eva and Sula Peace, Jude)

9. Fire is a repeated image in the novel. Discuss where it is seen and its importance to the meaning of the novel.

10. What all do you think happens to Sula between Part One and Part Two? Is it important to the novel? Why or why not?

11. What are the major and minor themes of the novel?

12. Explain why the novel is a tragedy.

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Sula by Toni Morrison: Free BookNotes Summary

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