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Free Study Guide for Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Charles drinks several cups of coffee at Ned’s Night Spot when Mr. Dark enters the café. The scene suddenly shifts to the small boy pointing to Will and Jim hidden under the grate. The Dwarf appears, searching with his eyes, and he is compared to a small camera. For a moment, Will mourns the loss of the lightning rod salesman Mr. Fury. Children run laughing by, and distract the Dwarf before he can search any closer for the boys.

The scene once again shifts to Charles in the coffee shop. Mr. Dark mentions to the proprietor that he’s searching for two boys, and Charles absent-mindedly leaves, Dark watching him all the way. Above, Charles purchases cigar, while Will and Jim debate about calling to him. As he starts to light the cigar, though, he notices Jim and Will beneath him and calls to them. Dark then heads toward him and they beg him to look away. He does, just in time, and Dark says the carnival is looking for two boys who have won the valuable prize of a completely free day at the carnival. Charles asks who the lucky boys are, and Dark opens his palms to reveal their tattooed faces on his palm. He asks their names, and after some hesitation, Charles says they look like two boys who just moved to Milwaukee, giving two fake names. Dark says Charles is lying, as he already knows the boys’ names are Jim and Will. Charles says there are hundreds of Jims and Wills in the town, so without last names, it will be difficult to find them. Dark begins to get frustrated, and clenches his fists until blood drips from them. Dark then begins to leave, and the Dust Witch, not dead but bruised, comes down the street offering to tell fortunes. She seems to sense the boys, and Charles, desperate to throw her off, lights his cigar and blows the smoke in her face. She staggers back, and Dark asks Charles’ name. Charles, without hesitation, tells him, and says Dark should come visit him at the library. Dark promises to accept the invitation and leaves.

Charles tells the boys that he understands something is evil, and they should stay hidden and come to the library at 7 where they will discuss the entire situation. Charles plans to search the records for a carnival like this.


The small boy almost gives Jim and Will away. It is interesting to note, though, that despite the danger, Will still finds time to mourn for Mr. Fury. Charles, upon seeing Will and Jim hidden, is angry, signifying that though last night he was not as parental as he should have been, he is still the adult in the situation. Charles, though, does finally understand the gravity of the situation when he speaks with Dark. The fact that Dark squeezes his tattoo of Will until he causes himself to bleed is only further evidence of Dark’s intensity. Charles displays his stupidity when he gives Dark his name and invites him to come by. While he understands the evil presented here, he does not understand the gravity of the situation. Charles does, though, know now that the boys must stay hidden.



As the Dwarf is headed down the street, he realizes that he saw the boys under the grate. He tells Dark, and they go look. The boys are gone, but Tetley, the cigar story proprietor asks them what they’re looking for and tries to start a conversation with them.


The boys have just missed danger. Tetley’s attempt at conversation with Dark and the Dwarf displays his ignorance, as he is completely unable to sense the evil emanating from them.


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