Snow In August Study Guide

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Michael’s favorite comic book hero?
a. Captain America
b. Mister Marvel
c. Superman
d. Captain Marvel

2. Where was the last known location or Michael’s father?
a. Belgium
b. Japan
c. Prague
d. Hawaii

3. What is the name of Michael’s father?
a. Michael Sr.
b. Thomas
c. Judah
d. George

4. What was the graffiti on their roof landing?

5. What was the name of Michael’s crush?
a. Mary Applebee
b. Jane Cunningham
c. Daisy Cunningham
d. Mary Cunningham

6. What is the name of the neighbor that gave money to Michael?
a. Mrs. Griffin
b. Mrs. Griffyn
c. Mrs. Griffith
d. Mrs. Greenberg

7. How much was the money that she gave him?
a. 1 Dollar
b. 100 Dollars
c. 5 Dollars
d. 20 Dollars

8. What was the thing that Frankie took from the store after he beat Mister G up?
a. Lottery Ticket
b. Candy Bar
c. A Magazine
d. Lucky Strikes

9. How much did the clerk from Orchard Street slash off the price of Michael’s suit?
a. $3.50
b. $1.50
c. $.50
d. $5.50

10. Where is the synagogue located?
a. Kelly Street
b. Shelley Street
c. 5th Avenue
d. Ellison Avenue

11. Aside from English and Yiddish, Michael also knows _______________
a. German
b. Italian
c. Latin
d. Spanish

12. Where was Father Headey being sent?
a. South Africa
b. South Pole
c. South Asia
d. South America

13. What is Mister G’s real name?
a. Yossel Greenberg
b. Yousef Greenberg
c. Yousef Goldberg
d. Yossel Goldberg

14. Who was their neighbor that asked Michael, Sonny, and Jimmy to shovel snow for him?
a. Mrs. Griffin
b. Unbeatable Joe
c. Charlie Senator
d. Mr. Gallagher

15. Where did Michael’s mother originally work?
a. Sacred Heart Hospital
b. Brooklyn General Hospital
c. Wesleyan Hospital
d. Ellison Medical Clinic

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