Snow In August Study Guide

Chapter 32 Summary

Whatever Michael did, he thought about the rabbi and his injuries. He told his mother that he needed to see Rabbi Hirsch, but he was in critical condition and they might not allow visitors to see him. While they were on their way to the hospital to have his cast removed, they saw Frankie—finally out of jail and with his usual gang of troublemakers. They ignored the group and continued on to the hospital.

An intern cut out his cast, saving the piece where Rabbi Hirsch signed it for Michael. He still had to get an x-ray to make sure that his leg was good to go. Michael looked at his mom while they were waiting. He couldn’t blame her for wanting to leave. Michael begged his mother to see Rabbi Hirsch. He knew that the rabbi was in the same hospital. While he was in x-ray, Kate found out where the rabbi was.

The rabbi was in the intensive care unit and they weren’t allowing visitors. Michael didn’t want his friend to be alone like he was when he was at the hospital. The rabbi was in a coma and they’d be visiting them when he’s better.

While they were making their way up their apartment, Sonny and Jimmy were there, waiting for them. They told Michael that Frankie McCarthy has a gun. They overheard him bragging about how he’s going to take out Michael and his mom. They also heard Frankie saying that they’ll be doing it on a Friday, to set an example and show the cops that nothing could be done about it. Sonny and Jimmy apologized to Michael about everything, but Michael didn’t seem to be that interested.

Notes: Michael felt betrayed about what his “friends” did. The only person that concerned him now was Rabbi Hirsch.

Chapter 33 Summary

Michael decided that someone needed to pay for what happened to Rabbi Hirsch. His mother was too busy making arrangements for their upcoming move. He waited until the dark before he left their house. He went to the hospital to see Rabbi Hirsch. He found his room. Room 709. He whispered close to the rabbi’s ear. Rabbi Hirsch awoke and told Michael to go away. It’s dangerous. He told the rabbi everything. And then, he asked the rabbi to tell him the secret name of God.

Notes: The young boy’s determination paid off when he was able to see his friend and ask for his help to plot revenge.

Chapter 34 Summary

Early Thursday morning, Michael headed to the park. He went past throngs of people and went to the woods. He went to the Quaker cemetery and dug. He followed Rabbi Hirsch’s instructions carefully. After he was done, he headed to the synagogue using the key from the rabbi.

He went upstairs to the sanctuary and wept. He went to the bimah and retrieved everything that Rabbi Hirsch has asked him to.

Notes: It was a long ritual, but in the end, it will all pay off.

Chapter 35 Summary

Michael made a total of nine trips to the cemetery. He went home to have lunch and to reassure his mother that he was doing fine. Once she left for work, he continued to put in dirt at the sink in the synagogue. It was after dark when he finished. He went home and rested.

He continued the ritual at the synagogue and did the summoning. The golem arose from the dirt and Michael realized that everything that Rabbi Hirsch told him was true. Michael told the Golem about what they have to do for the night. He was shocked when the Golem touched him, as if it was warning him of something that was coming. He then noticed that it was snowing. There was snow in August.

They saw Frankie and his gang. The Golem started doing his magic. As the Golem was defending Michael, Frankie suddenly emerged with a gun in his hand. Frankie kept firing at the Golem to no avail. Once they were subdued, Michael ordered Frankie’s gang to strip naked and walk back home through the snow.

Now, all was left was Michael, Frankie, and the Golem. Frankie suddenly put a knife to Michael’s throat and ordered the Golem to lie at the back. The Golem defended Michael and threw Frankie out to the snow. Their intention was to leave Frankie alive for the cops. After a long battle, Michael and the Golem disappeared through the storm.

Notes: The Golem is an important part of the Jewish faith. The rabbi have tried to summon the Golem before, however, because of his lack of faith, he failed in the past.

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